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  1. Oh shoot, I can't believe I almost let this slip under my nose. Gotta think of something to make for it...
  2. https://twitter.com/OnThisDayGaming/status/894274076914712577
  3. I actually never heard about these until now, and I've been doing a lot of research o_0
  4. For the mass collaboration, I had some ideas about incorporating the SF64 Andross themes if that'd work
  5. Mmm so smooth Liking the active drumbeat too. And, uh... yeah it was so smooth that it inspired me to do a quick thing with it: https://dbr.ee/G41C
  6. OK, sorry for the delay, I'm sending a message now with the current WIP of Starbit Festival
  7. Oops, haven't gotten a chance to record myself yet, but I basically have the arrangement done. Could I get it in next week?
  8. Also a testament to how much I need a better keyboard stand XD But thanks!
  9. Yeah lol I kinda just added that in while noodling around with it in the arrangement process, give it that eerie ambient feel. I played Mars with an All-State Orchestra once and the vibes were so great. Any specific timestamps? Hesitation/stuttering is a consistent problem I have in my playing style, I probably just left them in so that the audio would match with the video, mistakes and all, but I could edit them out from the MIDI for an official audio file. Probably somewhere near the end of the "Super Metroid Theme" part in the finale, right? Well, I would, but I still have a submission that's supposedly been in the judging process since September (but hasn't been on the "To Be Judged" list yet), which is even more frustrating because with my current knowledge of OCR, I feel like it's just going to be rejected for quite a bit of variation from the source material.
  10. Once again, I decided to try to experiment with style and arrangement to make a unique take on a classic VGM theme! If I were to give it a title, it would probably be something like "Hunting for Ridley". Whadya think?
  11. First, a bit of background: Currently there's a track going around in the dubstep community called "Like That" by a trio of 17-year-olds called Wavedash. The track has been used as an intro to almost every Skrillex concert back in the summer of 2016 (which makes of soooo jealous DX 'cuz they're freakin' 17), but until now it has never actually been released by OWSLA or NEST HQ, even though it was on the NEST Wavedash Visual Mix a while ago. Everyone's been desperately waiting for it, but recently on xTrill a user went and leaked a 320kps MP3 of the whole song AND the acapella of the vocals. So I thought What if I remixed this and put this online before the original track even gets out? Take that XD So here's what has come out so far, what do you guys think? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1RmRwKRXmElcTBwRVYyMXM2VXM/view?usp=sharing Original track (at 3:26, there's more of the track but it's just not included in the video):
  12. Basically a piano rendition of Great Fairy Fountain where I took some of the motifs and structures of Chopin and combined it with the melody of the original song.
  13. I'll have a thing by Monday, I swear. I just got sick last week on the one day I was going to start the thing :/ It's gonna be a remix of "In the Dead of the Night"
  14. You know, I might want to take Starbit Festival, even if it's a little late. Could I get it to you by the end of the month?
  15. Apparently I might be doing a thing for this soon Stay tuned
  16. It would be really great if we had the Assault soundfont amirite xD
  17. lol so remember when we were on the AFIS live stream yesterday and people were like "Why would anyone dislike this" and you were like "We should hunt them down"? Well, Look no further, cuz its me, and let me explain: I have been an avid critic against AFIS ever since its conception because the show, animation, themes, and animators are just an irreverent insult to the franchise. If you saw Lylat Legacy like I mentioned yesterday, you can see that the art is gorgeously epic, the story is well-crafted, etc. even though it's only an SF SNES/64 prequel. AFIS takes place in the same timeline, but instead has an art style that looks like it's from the half-decent section of Deviantart, an animation style that a 16-year-old could put together, a fetish-filled story that wrecks half of the characters, and just an overall theme that Star Fox is a big furry joke for us to laugh at. And the animators are just people who have nothing better to do with their lives then be furries in their 30s or 40s or whatever and drink and smoke to their hearts content in whatever crappy apartment they live in and animate for hours on end. Sure, I respect Fred's knowledge of retro gaming history, but other than that he has no redeeming qualities. So yeah, that's my honest opinion of AFIS, just thought you'd wanna know. The only reason I watch the stream is to dislike it, make sure Fred is months behind finishing another episode, and try to steer the chat toward better content like Lylat Legacies. Hope you don't hate me too hard :P And please don't call me out on this on AFIS chats, cuz I still have some fun talking with others that legitimately enjoy the franchise. K that was longer than I thought

    1. TheChargingRhino


      I mean, yeah, Fred and the others talk about...stuff...

      (they banned quote raids why? (I started a huge SB quote raid...maybe that's why...))

      I won't call you out, DS, I understand your dislikes about the show.

      But, hey, Nintendo's not going to do anything else about SF (maybe, after SFZ...), so someone else has to do it.

      One thing that I think you like about it- the music.

      I don't know or not, but Fred's basically remaking the whole SF64 promo trailer for the beginning of Ep. 2. 

      That's cool, at least.

      I don't want to make you mad, or anything, so I'm going to stop here.

      Good luck on your tracks.

    2. TheChargingRhino


      *I don't think you know or not*

      Very frustrating when you can't edit posts on channels...

  18. Merry Christmas, crew For your 20XXmas pleasure, listen to the best Star Fox remix of all time IMHO:
  19. Whatever Star Fox game Miyamoto was hinting at in his Super Mario Run Q&A
  20. I might be interested in doing the interview from a first-timer's perspective, if that qualifies me at all
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