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U.N. Squadron Remix Album - "Chandelle"


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Hey guys! In my spare time I've been working on an electronic/orchestral remix album based on UN Squadron. At this point I am ready to release the album!!  Going to release one track per day for the next 10 days, then throw the whole album up on bandcamp for pay-what-you-want. This is a link to the playlist which will eventually contain the full album. (First song was released today!)

The album was a passion project. I am a massive fan of this game and wanted to cover the music forever. Originally, I wanted to get the communities help, but had trouble recruiting help because so few were familiar with the games soundtrack. I was personally baffled by this - maybe the game just isn't as well known as I thought? Eventually I just decided to just do the album by myself.

Comments & criticism are always welcome! Hope you dig it!

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On 11/9/2016 at 10:59 PM, kupernikus said:

I'm stoked. I don't come around these parts too often. But in the past I'd submitted a couple requests for remixes from this game, because it's a fantastically enjoyable game visually and audibly.

Just a heads up, the album is completely released! You can listen to the whole thing for free on youtube, or download the album via my bandcamp. Hope you like!

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Thanks for giving some love to this awesome soundtrack. I have so many great memories of playing through this game with my brother that the soundtrack is burned into my brain!

Oddly enough I've just embarked on my own cover album for this soundtrack (focused more on hard-rock guitar) X-D I've submitted my first track ( My version of' Enemy Airforce') and await the judges comment eagerly :-)

I'm giving your album a listen through at work today!

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