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Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks - History

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Umm... by the way. I just noticed that TEEM.ROKIT was played in the trailer.

Is that just how old this album?

haha you have NO IDEA how old this album is do you :P

and if there is any incite, the damned wanted to release it when I joined iirc... then protodome joined. The rest is history.

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I'm happy to announce that the album will be released as two versions. The Missingno Tracks: MP3 Version and The Missingno Tracks: FLAC Version will allow you to collect all 28 remixes, but only if you trade between them!

Also, a third version will come out a year or so from now, but with slightly more features that should have been in the first two versions. It won't run on your current hardware, so be sure to buy a newer machine just to play it. Also, you will only be able to download the super-rare, event-only remixes to this version because we won't be supporting the previous ones anymore.

Truly, a brilliant business model!

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[14:56] <Draconiator> I logged on JUST in time to see the way you're doing Missingno Tracks. The Flac/MP3 thing and the third version is GREAT. What gems/colors are you using?

[14:56] <The_Damned> Compression Cobalt and Lossless Lavender

[14:57] <Draconiator> and the third version?

[14:57] <The_Damned> Wav White

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I say you don't even make it to 1.

Not to rip on your PokeSkittlez, but I smell an album very soon.

..and hopefully before my class starts. I'm like, having my iPod ready to sync and everything for the drive up to the school.

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