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Final boss 02 pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity

T- Ape

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Hello OCR, long time!

This time I have a small bass cover for you(with drums too)

I wanted to record it myself, but i'm still practicing, so that's a thing for the future. Anyway...

Hope you like it.

If you have feedback regarding the mix, balance, that would be great. Yes the sound is midi, I know, but only the bass will change. I don't have a drummer or drumset.


See ya!

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Oooh, I think it sounds really cool, as in a "This would be an amazing Playstation 2 / GC / XBox track" sort of way. Listening to the source it's obviously a cover (as you intended), but you have a very clean way of handling your samples that make the whole thing sound... clean. Well done.

The samples sound sampled (as you mentioned), but overall it IS well sequenced, and generally handled in a way that it doesn't sound bothersome. The bass is nice and strong in there, and it's very animated.

I like it, nice work. Also, damn Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon does have a pretty amazing soundtrack, who'd have thought. ;)

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