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    Just a humble guy from Malaysia who loves VGM, Metal, ost, and music in general. Currently working on some, Mega Man X Metal remixes. :D I know its been overdone, but hey it's Mega man, rock/metal just fits it soo well. Would also be doing some Poke-remixes and other games. Hope to spread my talent here and learn some stuff from other members and sempais in this awesome community.
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  1. Hey Rozovian, Thanks for taking time to eval this. Yeah I agree, there are some flaws that need to be worked on and also some parts i'm not satisfied with. I haven't finished mixing it and I like to keep the levels low when mixing, hence why its a bit quiet. But yeah, I'll work on making it sound tighter overall. There also seems to be some clashing between some of the synths and drums sound too dry in this particular mix. Thanks for all the feedback guys! Will update this thread again once I've finished this track.
  2. This is awesome!. I'm really digging the arrangement for this and the overall sound is pretty good too. The only thing for me is that the guitar sounds a little mechanical, Maybe u can play with the dynamics and add vibratos at the end of some of the longer lead notes. That'll spice up the sound for sure. Looking forward to hear how it turns out
  3. Thanks for your feedback guys, really appreciate it. Any kind of feedback is good for me at this point. Plus the track isn't done yet and there's still room for improving it here and there. I do agree, the part from 1:50-2:10 has nothing really interesting there. I'll probably change up the riff and add a few more instruments so that it has a bit more colour. As for the drums, I tried to arrange it in a way a human plays, one of my favorite drummers is Chris Adler from Lamb of God. So I get a lot of ideas from his drumming style. But the Drums do sound dry now that u mentioned it. I'll try fix it and bring up the ambiance so that it has a bit more life. Hahaha, Is it that obvious?, Actually the lick just before that was just a bit off time and I had to catch the timing back on .44. It didn't sound too bad to me so I kept it for now.
  4. Hey Guys, here's an updated version, now fully mixed together with drums and effects. As this is my first post here, would love to get some feedback on this just to know that I'm heading in the right direction with this arrange. Since it's not mastered yet, the levels are a bit low but I would specifically like to hear what y'all think about the instrumentation, arrangement and overall mix in general. Let me know if there's any issues with the link. Thanks and hope y'all enjoy it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9Ysis8gRJo-bGx0MTAyb0VyRjA
  5. I'm no judge but when it comes to mastering, as long as the loudest part of your song is limited to at least -3 dB. It should be acceptable. But if your song is -16 dB at the loudest point then that'll probably be too low.
  6. Oh my God, this is so awesome! Loving the groove from classical guitar. If you expand the arrangement this will sound amazing.
  7. I've always loved the soundtracks from Mega Man X series and it was also one of my favorite games. Got inspired and decided to try some Metal arranges for the tracks in this game. I know it's been done a lot, but rock/metal just fits soo well with the Megaman series. Hoping to get some feedback/thoughts for this track. Would love to hear what y'all think about the arrangement and instrumentation as this is some areas of improvement for me. The mixing part is not done yet and no eq and effects on the drums. Original I'm also working on more tracks from Mega Man X 1 and hope to compile those to make an album. Hope y'all enjoy it >:) \m/
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