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Wait, you're Amazing Brando?


Awesome, a fan of both your solo work and infamous pairing with Duane. ;)

As for the Metroid 3 album, I haven't gotten through it all yet, but it seems like a pretty tight series of covers. I'm actually pretty surprised how you apply the guitar to most of the sounds throughout - the volume swells and such actually sound kind of alien.

I'll keep listening, see how it all is.

EDIT: Oh, I like what you did with that mini-boss theme. It's a very minimal source that I've worked with once, I know that one is quite tricky to keep interesting, so I give extra kudos to your handling of it.

That "Wrecked Ship" track. Damn, it develops very nice throughout. While it sticks pretty close, it changes things up just enough to keep it interesting throughout the track. Might be my favorite of the album, unless one of the tracks later catch my ear in a similar way.

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Hey, thanks a lot! I really appreciate the feedback. I used an E-Bow for this album, hence the swelling and such. Super Metroid made a huuuge impact on my love for music growing up. I would just sit in certain areas to let the music play while I did other things, like draw or read. Definitely in my top 3 of all time.

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So wait, did you use a bow to get that swelling effect? That'd be pretty slick if that were the case - never heard of a bow being used for a remix before.

The album was consistently good overall. I felt the rhythm guitar's tone sometimes didn't feel very defined, but otherwise it was a solid experience. Thanks for sharing!

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I had no idea this existed either ... and now I want one.

I saw a band when I was growing up where the guitarist used a bow on his solo during a cover of In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. It sounded amazing, so I tried it at home once.... and man, I could have broken windows with the sound that came out of my amp.

I haven't tried it since, but I may have better luck with this...

EDIT: I should add that I've been enjoying the album so far. I really like the homemade choral work - Crateria turned out GREAT, also a fan of the Miniboss theme and I really dig the atmosphere of upper Norfair.

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Thanks so much for the very kind words. There are a few parts I wish I had the time to go back over, but I left them because the feeling was there. About half of this album was recorded like a good two years before I sat down to finish it. Thanks again. Any tips for production would be helpful too. Always looking to improve. \m/

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