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Alright guys, next cover of our upcoming four track demo, hope you like it (can you guess which video game music related band inspired us the most? ;) ).

We are proud to bring bring you back this classic gem from the 80ies in all its 8-bit fuzziness:


Check out our Facebook page to stay updated:


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I think the performances could be tightened up, they seem too loose at times.  Right now the soundscape also seems pretty empty with just the guitar lead and bass+drums, it would have more personality and it would be much more interesting with more elements going on, harmonies, change-ups, anything.  Not sure if you're planning on submitting to OCR, but right now it's too close to the original for that.
Even if you're not planning to submit to ocr, there must be a million wily castle guitar covers out there, why not add more to it in order to distinguish yourself from the pack?

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Drums can go ahead and add his flair too, if you change up some of the rhythms, maybe some syncopation or something, you can accentuate that by synchronizing the guitar and bass with the drums to get some pretty cool effects. Or don't synchronize. You could play other rhythms that revolve around what the drummer is doing but don't actually play on the accents of the selected rhythm. Just something to think about. @Sir_NutS said that it was pretty conservative. Take some arranging liberty. You can do a lot with a little. If it's a little that you have, don't try to do a lot with it. But, if you can record live, why not record guitar harmonies and layer them over the melody? Rhythms? Anything else you can do and add in post? I would recommend doing that in addition. I feel you're selling yourself short by saying that this is as good as it gets, but I know you could do better.

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