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How to use Prefixes


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When posting a new topic, ou can choose one of the four preset prefixes. The default prefix is 1. work-in-progress. As you get feedback and develop your track, change the prefix accordingly to indicate the status of your track. This helps the evaluation team keep tabs on your track. Here are the prefixes and what they mean:

  1. work-in-progress
    Your track is a work-in-progress and you need feedback from the community. This is the default prefix.
  2. ready for review
    Change your prefix to this when you want a workshop evaluator to give your track an official look. Once they provide you with feedback, they'll change your track back to 1. work-in-progress.
  3. completed
    Change your prefix to this when you feel you're done with your track.
  4. submitted
    Change your prefix to this once you have submitted your completed track to the Judges Panel.

As you can see we've numbered the prefixes to help you iterate through the process, but if you want to jump ahead and just post a completed track that doesn't require review, you can do that with the appropriate prefix as well.

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