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Ink pen artwork

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Thanks all, I really appreciate the feedback. (I forgot I even made this thread!)

Any suggestions with different themes I should implement? I'm kind of stumped when it comes to art; I don't feel like I'm all that creative.

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Thanks a lot! I'm not sure what you'd call it; I referred to it as "ink pen art" as I'd composed these with an ink pen on standard computer paper.

In any case, I'll be working on more soon so I'll be sure to post them. Thanks again for the kind words everyone.


Edit: how in the world did this topic get so many views? O_O

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Hi all, just wanted to bump this thread. The links in my initial post have expired (postimg has changed hosts--I fixed the links) and I wanted to share both of these which were both whipped up yesterday:

Butterfly Effect


Emotions of the Desert



^ I also wanted to share this August 2016 doodle which I'll replace with a better-quality version once I get it back from my friend (this one was just a photograph--all of these were scanned).

Feel the Bird


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Thanks! I appreciate the kind words, it truly means a lot ^_^

I'm working on my most ambitious piece yet. It's an improv piece on a wooden board (length and width of about 2½ feet). The drawings in this thread took maybe 3 hours each, but I've already invested about 5 hours on this board (it's probably only 20% filled). I'm proud of how it's turning out so far but it's a real doozy for sure. It'll probably be my most diverse collage yet!

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