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FL Studio Mobile - Recommended?

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I was unexpectedly gifted with a little Android tablet computer over Christmas and now I'm ready to join modern society (if this were 2012, anyway)! Not a beefy unit by any means, but seems to be decent enough for RAM (1 GB) and basic quad-core processing.

As I get accustomed to how a tablet and apps work, it dawns on me that I could finally do some music work away from my main desktop or even outside my house. Not real music work, but like generate MIDI compositions that I can save for later use or arrange with my Roland romplers. Tried some MIDI apps, but they weren't cutting it for me and then I remember Fl Studio has a mobile version of itself at $16.00.

So I ask anyone who has used it, how does FL Studio fare for mobile? At least as far as letting me just make compositions without trying to do any serious, final productions on them?

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FLStudio Mobile recently got completely rewritten from the ground up. I've used it a bit on my phone, it's not bad, but I can't really say how good it is.

I will say however that Android is not great for music production, yet. iOS honestly has a better selection of apps and has less latency.

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