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FFTactics - Cid's Jazz Club

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Frankly, I have no idea what I'm doing here. I just started throwing together some stuff with Cid's theme from FFT, and it came out like this. Obviously not done yet, just looking for some intermediate feedback.


I'm terrible with percussion in general, and to top it off I have absolutely no idea what it _should_ sound like, so I'm just randomly putting stuff down until it sounds less bad.

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Well, my first advice would be to...actually get an idea of what your doing. You said you just started throwing random crap together, and guess what it sounds like...

Hmm, this makes me wanna hunt down Cid's theme from Tactics. I played that game a lot but don't remember his music...

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Um, Xerol, the piano in that sounds really off and out and weird. Basically I suggest you decide what you're trying to do instead of throwing random stuff together - it generally helps. Then when you've decided what style you can research basic drum beats for the style and build on them there. That's how I roll.

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