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Fear Factory (Donkey Kong Country) | Dark Synth Cover

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Man, when it really gets going (0:43) it sounds really good. The choice to slide that main theme really adds something unique to the track that's just... tasty. While it takes a while to get off the ground, it's easy to follow, and damn if it doesn't have a ton of meat to it.

The production could use some work, as the instruments do fight for space, especially among the synths and drums (like at 1:01). The heavy reliance on reverb throughout in the synths and drums limits where you can take the track. Leave things wet, but not THAT wet, and you'll have more space to mix and balance the track. The drums have a lot of strength in the right places, but be aware that the toms are mixed pretty close to the front when they don't need to be.

The guitar is well placed, and honestly it would serve you well to utilize it a bit more often throughout. It both would prep the listener for it better when it takes them tasty licks, and it would give the soundscape some more variety (as it IS a touch on the static side). The arrangement itself does suffer a little from sounding copy-pasted for the last portion. The guitar does some things differently, but it doesn't take that feeling away. Give some more variety in the synthwork and drums in these portions, it would help alleviate this issue.

Love it, though, and I think it has potential to go from a good track to a really great track with some cleaning up. Best of luck!

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