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Help me find this VGM album?


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A few years ago my composition professor showed me examples of an album that he said I should consider emulating in my own writing/arranging.  He didn't tell me what the album was, and I didn't think to ask, since it was intended to be a brief little clip with other examples.  Now I'm looking for that album and I have no idea what to even search for.

The album had a blue cover, I think with a piano on it.  It was not very detailed if I remember right, taking on a 1960s minimalist approach.  I'm not sure if I remember right, but I do know it was blue.

The album was arrangements of video game music done in a classical style, mostly in the modern classical style, for piano and violin I think.  It was a professional album, since it sounded like really top level players recording it.  The thing that was interesting about it was that the themes were molded to fit in the idioms.  Forms were edited to work with conventional form ideas, and the arrangements developed themes by using original material in addition to the source theme.

I've looked for this album off and on, and would really like to find it.

Can you help me look?

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