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Need Celtic/Irish VSTs ASAP

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Why not try the fine libraries at Impact Soundworks?! :D

Our gorgeous Tin Whistle:


Frame Drums:


Highland Harps (Celtic Harp, Lap Harp, Lyre):


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Era II is the best VST for Medieval and European folk instruments by far. As I recall, it includes excellent, true legato samples of all the instruments you mention and then some. There is also a fantastic vocal library add on including tavern singers and female voice by Celica Soldream!


Nvm, I just saw you're looking for freeware...

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There's an ok uilleann pipe sound included with kontakt player default instruments.

For a harp and dulcimer, you could try this: http://www.dskmusic.com/dsk-world-stringz/ 


For all these instruments though, you could try searching for free sfz libraries. I know I had a few on my old pc. Lots of people sample instruments like these for fun and put them up for free on music forums and such. You'll have to look around a bit to find decent ones though.

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