Trombone Shorty style album

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I was talking with people in the discord, and the idea came around to do an album in the style of Trombone Shorty, lots of rock, some funk, that spectrum of music.  I have paid attention to this guy for quite a few years and always wanted to do what he does, then recently came to the conclusion to just go for it.  I do not play trombone anymore.  I used to, but it hurts my face to play it, so I don't anymore.  However, I do do french horn.  So the project would be in the style, but with horn as a lead instrument instead of trombone.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't going to be a JohnStacy and his backing band kind of project, designed to be a solo feature.  It would be a collaborative project where lead would be split between people depending on the musical context. 

What I am going for is something that would resemble a live album.  The instrumentation would be somewhat static throughout the album, with little change.  The genres would change, doing some funk, some rock, maybe even doing some metal.  Genres, styles, tempos, and feels would be the variety that an album would need to be interesting. 

Trombone Shorty's band is the model here.  Trombone, tenor sax, guitar, bass, drums.  I am not definitely set on doing that.  My thought would be doing horn, tenor sax, 2 guitars, bass, drums, and maybe a piano.  I've also toyed with the idea of replicating T-Square's band setup where there would be 2 leads, in this case horn/sax or two horns, guitar, piano, bass and drums.  The idea would be that whatever would be decided on would generally not change much throughout the album.  If it's something small like adding a vocalist for a track, or another guitar, that is alright.  But I would rather not suddenly go from the above setup to like...a full orchestra and guitars.  However, I am open to suggestions and will accept any ideas that are well thought out.

Contributors to this project would fit into one or both of two roles.  Arrangers and performers.  There would be other roles as needed, such as mixers and artists.  What I would want is for arrangers to be performers and vice versa, but I wouldn't be against somebody contributing arrangements without performing, or people to perform and not arrange.  I'm excited at the prospect of letting people really shine here.  If somebody does an arrangement and decides to feature themselves on bass for the majority of the track, all power to them.

I am aiming to make between 8 and 10 tracks, probably not longer than the 74 minute limit on a single disc album.  However, this will be decided based on substance.  If we don't get up to 8 tracks, but have say...5 or 6 really good ones, that is a good thing.  I also won't turn good content away.  If we end up with more tracks and have to make a second disc, I would not object.

As for sources, I do not have a specific idea in mind.  Rehashing some NES or Genesis classics could work well for this kind of project.  For now, I'm just gathering interest.

Would you be interested in contributing to such a project?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Aw man. I would really love to do piano. I'm not sure if I'm good enough though. I could get a type AB USB cable and probably record in Reaper. I just wonder if I'm good enough. I'll say, that while I'm still technically learning, I am interested, I'm just not sure how much of an asset I would be. I'm good with chords, though. I know theory pretty well. If you gave me sheet music and time, I could get it done.

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I noticed its not on your list, but if you decided you wanted a trumpet player I'd be very interested.


I might have some good source tune ideas too.

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