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Sharing some feelings...

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Hi guys,

I'll start by saying that a recent remix made me cry. What? How? Let me tell you a short story.

Fact: I have been a huge fan of this website and community since my first days on the internet. The first remix I downloaded was La Samba de Agua back in 2001, when I was around 10, and since then I have been following the website, the remixes and everything you guys do.

For example, in 2012 I assisted the OCRemix panel at PAX East 2012, and it was great to see some of the people responsible of bringing you so much happiness and good music. These are some of the ugly pictures I took.



So, a couple of days ago, after being absent from the website for like 2 months (busy life is not fun), I downloaded newly released remixes I haven't checked out yet. To my big surprise, one of them was from Pokemon (huge Pokemon fan here),- Gotta Catch a Wave and a Memory -  so I went for it first.

And guys, around the minute 3 I started to get all emotional. Some reason the song made me remember all those days of zero worries in your head, the days when you believed everything was perfect, the time when the hardest thing was a silly math exam, or trying to get a shiny Pokemon. Bottom line, I took a trip down memory lane and it was a mix of great and happy memories and some sadness at the same time. So, I cried.

After the song end, I went to the song's page to see what the author wrote about it. This is an excerpt of what he wrote


It's strange, because I would feel nostalgia even back then when I listened to the song on the Game Boy. As if I knew that those days were going to be the "good old days." And now, here I am years later. These days aren't bad. But these days aren't the old Pokémon Sapphire days either.

To that I have to say that I agree with you a 100% Von Nebo. These days and good, and fun, and full of adventures and challenges. However, nothing will beat those old days, those Pokemon Sapphire days.

Thanks for the remix Von Nebo, and thanks to every single of you for keeping this community alive and full of great music.

- a big fan.

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You're not alone, @oldfan.

I have a very long history of gaming - got myself hooked on my friend's copies of the first Zelda game, Mario 2, Mario 3, Contra, and the original TMNT. I've been a gamer for 30 years now and as other posts have described, I'm becoming a bit philosophical about it all now.

A similar experience brought me to remixes in general. I'm not sure if you've ever heard of the Black Mages, but their song Distant Worlds did the very same thing to me. This song helped me realize, in a time of my life when I was very insecure about my gaming, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a great love and appreciation for video games.

It's funny how music can not only bring back the images, but also the sounds, the situations, the feelings - this track literally brought the WHOLE experience back for me, which is one of the initial contacts I had with OCR. I'd like to voice my support of Von Nebo's statement and say that these times are good, but nothing will beat those old days trying to figure out how to trash Metal Man with just a P-Buster, an E-Tank (if you didn't lose all your lives trying to get it), and a whole lot of determination. :)

Thank you, OCR, for giving us a place to give these memories a new life through the songs we create - and hopefully we share of little of the joy we had making these memories with the rest of the world through music.

"If music be the food of love, play on..." ~William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

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Terra Tripmachine is my OCR introduction song. Heard it one day fro something (2003ish? So, maybe Newgrounds or something like that back then), looked it up, found OCR, hung out, conned a bunch of people into making a pokémon album for me, hung out more, make some friends and enemies (friendimies?), and so on.

  • $300 Time Mage hat!
  • Sidebar!
  • UnMod's ultimate end!
  • That smiley thing that we did for some reason!
  • All those things, and many more!

All that happened, and we were there for it. It was us, and ours, and no one else!

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