3. completed Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.) Jazz Fusion Guitar Cover

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Hello! I hope you're doing well. I've recently started a new video game cover project called "The Geeky Guitarist", which focuses on jazz fusion vgm arrangements and I would love some feedback and opinions.

Yesterday I released this cover of the famous Ground Theme:

Ground Theme - The Geeky Guitarist

My goal for this project in a few months is to release an album, but first im starting off by uploading weekly jazz fusion covers every saturday to establish an audience. I hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think. Thanks!!

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Jazz fusion is a great, but underplayed genre when it comes to video game music (at least in my experience). I'm glad to see (and hear) you working to correct this. Regarding this cover, there's nothing I would change. It sounds awesome! I hope you're successful in releasing an album.

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