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*NO* Final Fantasy 10 'One Dream, One Destiny'

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This is piano arrangement based on two major themes of ff10. "Daughter of the Summoner" and "Someday the Dream Will End" give to these melodies their saddest version.

"Daughter of the summoner" really impressed me when I discovered the game! N. Uematsu managed to put a lot emotion by the simplicity and the purity of this music. "Someday the Dream Will End" shrines by its unforgettable melody, really well integrated in the game.

I've this idea of arrangement a long time ago, based uniquely on "Daughter of the Summoner". This arrangement came naturally on the first part (before 1'15). But I was blocked for the following.

So I decided to integrate the other source to get something reliable enough.

These two melodies yet well married in the love song "Suteki Da Ne". This arrangement marry also these themes, but in their sad version (so I pointed only "Daughter of the Summoner" and "Someday the Dream will End" as sources).

I hope the result is melancholic enough :)


Breakdown :

Daughter of the Summoner

  • 0'00: intro
  • 0'12: Melodic Line 1
  • 1'20: ML2

Someday the dream will end

  • 0'00: ML3
  • 0'24: ML4
  • 1'05: ML5 (similar to ML1)


  • 0'00: from intro of daughter of the summoner: repeated high notes imitating the xylo. Arpeggio by left hand start a little after
  • 0'28: ML1 with arpeggio
  • 1'07: ML2 soft
  • 1'18: ML3 Ternary rhythm for left hand. Hesitating tempo
  • 1'33: ML4 Still in ternary. Louder, more animated. The culminating point of the arrangement!
  • 2'00: ML5/ML1 soft part, to contrast with the precedent one. High arpeggio
  • 2'18: ML2 with rhythm well marked, louder
  • 2'48: outro. Similar to intro, but softer.


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The arrangement is lovely here, and the subtle use of dynamics is pretty great. To me this comes down to the piano sound, which I think is decent, though definitely not realistic, and the performance itself. Right now to me the track sounds a bit too mechanical; the runs sound too perfect, and there are sections that just feel a little blocky. I'd love to hear some subtle rubato/humanization on the timing of the hits to add that human edge. 

It's a tough track because it's solo piano which makes the small things stand out more, I am definitely curious what the others say.

NO (borderline, resubmit)

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Gentle tones, very emotive. Completely agree with Deia here. The use of dynamics here are great. The shift in pace of the piano playing is great as well. I did also share the same concern of the mechanical nature of the track. Things sound quite realistic as you have them here, but at the same time there is an almost inhuman tightness to the progression, which sticks out even more due to the otherwise strong pacing and dynamics. I am not sure if this is due to some quantising after the fact, or if things were written like this intentionally, but it is noticeable.

I enjoyed the arrangement progression for the most part. Some bits near the end felt a little similar to those that opened the piece, but there wasn't too much of this, and I felt the length of the mix fit the content you had well. No mixing issues here either (to be expected for a solo instrument piece), piano tone is solid and has a good balance of highs and lows.

Tough one for me here, as things are by no means poor, but I feel that due to the nature of this being exclusively piano, I think you need to revisit this and humanise the notes further to take things to that final level.


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I'm in agreement with my fellow Js here.  Lovely arrangement but the performance is holding this back for sure.  I think that not only the performance but the piano sound itself has this blocky, cold tone to it when in an emotive piece like this one the sound should be warmer.  The use of pedal isn't optimal here as well, with some of the harder chords around the 2 minute mark feeling pretty dry and harsh even though they should be evoking power and emotion.  Overall, an arrangement like this should feel very touching but this is feeling rather soulless at the moment.  It may sound like I'm overanalyzing this piece, but in a piano solo the performance is of prime relevance and I think this needs another pass to make it feel more human.  

NO (resubmit)

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