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Nutritious - "Surgical Strike" - Life Force Electronic/Orchestral Drum 'N' Bass


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Edit3, final: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2vXGW-rxcYfaHhGOFBZSWJxNmM

Remix Video:


Been getting back into streaming my composing process and thought I'd share the track I'm currently working on.  Still pretty rough in stuff like transitions & writing and it's completely unmastered.

Also, if you want to see previous sessions or watch it being made live, you can tune in at https://www.twitch.tv/nutritiousmusic

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Some tweaks and first mastering pass complete.  Pretty much finished, though I need to re-render to fix the initial note cut-off and do some EQ tweaks.

EDIT: Now with remix title :P

On 8/24/2017 at 1:46 AM, Glejs said:

Sounds promising, keep at it! Personally though, I am so so so tired of that "two step" drum'n bass beat.

Regardless of my tiredness level, it's funny how I always end up with that beat whenever I sit around jamming..

Thanks for the comment.  Yeah, I know it's an oft-used pattern, but it's the core of the classic dnb rhythm, sans the 16th notes that lead into the second snare.  I do try and give enough fill variation to keep it interesting. :)

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Solid stuff! Regardless of the drum'n bass modern classic rythm ;) Love the variety, and the solo lead finishing off the whole thing was awesome. You have a new subscriber. Please check out my YT channel as well, and subscribe if you feel like it. I have a VGM remix album coming up. Mostly electronic cool stuff :D 

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Fuuuuuuck those strings are nice in the intro.

Guitars are.... I mean, they're not going to fool anybody into thinking they're real, but they sound nice enough. They do their job.

Brass at 0:55 is a bit mechanical.

Once the beat comes in, again, you're not going to make anybody think the instruments are real, but they work well enough together, and the beat is compelling. Throughout this whole section, though, I keep waiting for a main melody come in, and the whole thing just feels like accompaniment. I feel like the stage is set, but nobody's on it... hopefully that makes sense? I mean, nothing here sounds like a lead, and I'm not sure what instrument is supposed to have my attention.

Lead synth is nice, but I feel like you took too long to build up to it. Ending is a bit lacking. Percussion is a bit repetitive.

Best way I can describe this is that it feels like a good backing track which is still waiting for a lead. Some cool stuff going on, but no central part to really hold my attention.

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