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OCR03705 - Final Fantasy VII "The Call from the Mine"

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THIS TRACK IS AMAZING. Unless you're actually allergic to piano, this is a must listen. In fact, it's cool, just stop reading right now and listen to it, my rambling will still be here when you're done. :-D

I'm particularly in love with the choice of song, because everyone knows almost every single track in Final Fantasy VII has been remixed to hell and back… Well, maybe not hell, but the remixes spent some time with Sephiroth in the core of the planet. :-P Of course that really speaks to how great of a soundtrack it is, but it's definitely refreshing to hear new material that hasn't really been done that often. Mining Town has been one of those pieces that has always stuck with me yet has relatively few remixes. Also, because who doesn't love nostalgia, before I even hit play, it really brought me back to playing through the game for the 1st time & all the events that take place there, especially Barrett's back story.

Back to this remix, however, it's those story moments that really seemed to inspire the remixer to have a very particular impact, especially in regards to the emotional tension. Particularly the section that winds things up starting at about the 1:25 mark, and really reaches fever pitch around 1:50. Contrasts the rest of the work beautifully and dynamically, especially when it returns to the delicate piano at 2 1/2 minutes or so. It's a great ride, backed by equally great arranging and work on the keys (to my untrained ears anyway). I daresay this easily ranks amongst the top tracks in this genre/style ever released on the website.

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Wow, this is just wonderful. This takes what is already a nice, interesting piece and makes it into a practical suite. The handling of 1:05-2:32 has such power, and then 2:33 on changes it into such an amazing, delicate touch! In short, this really explores the piece and delivers a top-notch handling of a less common piece. I'm really, really impressed by the quality of the remix here - well done!!

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