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1. work-in-progress Brinstar Trance (Demo) and more

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This is an attempted Trance remix of "Brinstar" (Metroid) for a contest. I tried to give the original  an update my way (I have a rather unique style). After the contest I redid it and think it turned out good. Tell me what you guys think. Enjoy


Here's a couple original pieces of mine


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Whether it's a trance or not, I quite like your beat for the classic and beloved Brinstar. The deep and insistent pulse creates the feeling of being encased by tons of earth while traversing endless alien labyrinths. It does get a little mushy, though, as it goes on. The timbre's are pretty nice, but something about them makes it feel like the song is slowly going through a blender. Which is cool, but I think that it needs a little work to be crisper. You've got a good basis for something very interesting here.

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