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OCR03719 - Mass Effect "One Small Step"

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Wow!! This is really unique and awesome - I love the fact that all this emotion and feel is packed into a song that basically has less than 20 words of lyrics. It lets the words become almost another instrument, one with dark undercurrents but an ultimate destination, like a dangerous journey through space that still has a steady eye on a distant star. SUPER props for the walkdown at the end - a perfect way to ease out.

Special, distinct, unique. This remix crushed it!

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To me the brilliance of this arrangement is that when you start listening to it, it's like there's this lengthy intro and you (or at least I) expect it to kick into a verse-chorus-verse kind of rock deal ... and it doesn't. Instead it explores some fresh territory. It feels like one of those less conventional album tracks on a rock album.

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