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OCR03737 - Street Fighter Alpha 3 & Super Street Fighter II Turbo "GROAN ver. T7"

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What I really like in this mix is the sense of distance it conveys. The gritty synths, the guitar(ish) lead pushed pretty far into the background, the 'slapback' reverb of the snare, these work really well together (I can see where Gario's comment about the snare 'verb being a touch much comes from, but really didn't think about it while listening to the tune. A tone-down might make it better, but wasn't really bothered as it is).

I do feel like the woodblocks are very much disconnected from the rest of the soundscape, at least on my cheap headphones. It's a bit like I'm trying to listen to this song and somebody clanks stuff together in the kitchen. I just didn't get it, but I do see MindWanderer complimented the very same thing in the panel thread.

The 'hanging' guitar note at 1:12 feels off key to me. (Similarly the 'tail' of the previous section at 2:35-2:36 conflicts with the next part). I don't like 1:28-1:29 harmonically much either. The same with 3:04-3:06 and 3:16-3:18. Not sure anything is 'wrong' with that part, but it jumps out to me.

The key change at 1:35-> is superbly cool. It sort of recontextualizes the material through repeating it in the different key. The 'hanging tail' of the previous part works well there.

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