OCR03752 - Super Metroid "Save the Animals"

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very lively. reminds me of brinstar because that's where the animals are, but goes with the main theme song. nice work!

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I like how this track has very clear funk/prog stylings. The organ, the electric piano, the organic drums, popping bass, analog synths.. at the same time, it has also a clear "sequenced and produced on a computer" feel and production to it. I appreciate this combo a lot, don't exactly know why but it makes me feel good. The ending is a bit brief and sudden, I feel like I get what it was going for but just a little more guidance/ramp-up for the sudden ending would have brought out the idea of cutting it out suddenly a bit better. I'm not intensely familiar with Super Metroid music (apart from listening to a ton of rearrangements) but I feel like I certainly recognize the melodies and very much appreciate the refreshing reworking done here. I liked this a lot!

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