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Computer - color issues


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Just seemed to happen spontaneously a couple days ago. When I turned the comp on, my formerly tan background was conspicuously green.

I have an LCD monitor (Rosewill) which has displayed no problems until this point. It did, however, have a single "dead" pixel (and by dead, I mean bright green)... and now that I mention this, I cannot find it anymore.

Not even all the red is gone... many very-red items still seem red, though sometimes more orange. I still see a bit of every color, it seems, but something is thrown off. Certain spots just seem absent of a color that would make it seem "right". Brown seems problematic. Grey sometimes seems a bit yellow/green, too.

Adjusting my monitor's color balance does not solve the problem.

Perhaps a small hue of red/violet is gone?

Anyway, I am just wondering what may have happened, and if there's a simple way to figure this out and remedy the problem. Is it the monitor? The vid card? Some software error?

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Maybe this will help or it won't. Occasionally, when playing Diablo II or some other game, the computer will lock up(rare). Anyway, after rebooting, the colors are slightly off. The way I've learned to fix it is to restart the game(in this case Diablo II) and then exit normally. I don't know why, but that's the only fix that's worked whenever my colors have gone goofy.

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