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WARGROOVE and its soundtrack out now!

Phonetic Hero

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I had the pleasure of writing the music for Chucklefish's Wargroove, a spiritual successor to old-school tactical games like Advance Wars:

Being a huge fan of tactical games myself, this was a bit of a dream gig and I'm extremely proud of how the tunes turned out.  Wargroove is available on Steam, Humble, Switch, and Xbox One/Windows 10 (w/ Xbox Play Anywhere).

The soundtrack is available on my bandcamp and on Steam as DLC (can also be bundled with the game for 10% off!).  It'll also be available on all major streaming platforms by the 15th.

Hope you love both the game and the soundtrack!

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@AngelCityOutlaw Thanks man!  Just to quickly clarify, there aren't much of any RPG elements in Wargroove - it's much more like Advance Wars in that units don't gain experience or level up, and instead you build units each turn and have to understand which units are effective against each other.  Victory comes from toppling an opponents HQ or taking out their commander.  Wargroove also has a really good critical hit mechanic that relies entirely on unit positioning rather than chance (with conditions being different for each type of unit), so while it's pretty easy to pick up, the strategy gets absolutely wild.  It was really fun watching the beta testers go at it with each other and develop new strategies that I never would've thought of.

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