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MnP 100: OverLooked Remix Throwback Bonanza


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17 hours ago, HoboKa said:

(+3)+2+6+2 = 13
(+3)+2+4+3 = 12

TheVideoGamer won 1st place!!  Please PM me for round 101, alongside Argle's pick.  Which I also need.


I think I have 13 points as well. My vote is *2 so I should have +6 instead of +3 for voting. Otherwise voting killed me.

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1 hour ago, Bundeslang said:

If my vote didn't count twice we even would have three winners.

So next round has three sources...

Then I'm gonna pick something impossible to remix.

Interesting, but now that you’ve mentioned it, it does make sense. I should have said this a couple days ago but well done lol. Oh well let’s see what you come up with.

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20 hours ago, HoboKa said:

Whew...don't get drunk then text.  It's almost as bad as driving.  Lord knows I've overshared enough uncomfortable information as it is.  But as it stands...

Gonna take a brief break to sort my shit out.

TVG could use some participants.  G'night.  Or day. 

See you soon. Hope you don't pass out from drink, that can be nasty. But as I say, hope all goes well.

Take care.

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