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OCR03879 - Nemesis 3 "Follow the Sun"


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03879 - Nemesis 3 "Follow the Sun"

A gorgeous handling and delivery!! I am not the best or most experienced musical aficionado, but even I can hear the quality of the instrumentation and the personal touch on the delivery. Man, this remix never gets boring - different sections, different moods, different points of emphasis, all tied together by what seems to be a very specific goal. I could basically imagine a conductor asking for more or less from different sections as the mood/sound struck him... and by all accounts, that seems to be what's happened here!

   Major props to the instrumentalists, and to the remix! 

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The spirit of adventure breaths in this remix and made me want to journey out into some grand tale!  I will settle for the journey that my desk takes to turn from a regular desk to a standing desk.  This was a great remix.  The energy and pacing was exquisitely well done, and the production was definitely fantastic for the genre.  2 thumbs up!

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