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Heh. Eve was my old stomping grounds. Have 3 characters, one near 60 mil SP I think. Kinda don't think I will be going back, but I have said that at least 5 times. I am starting to wonder if I should just get it over with and sell my toons, but I would probably regret it and start a new one.

Some of the missions are fun and mining isn't but makes doing homework go by quicker. I was never good at playing the market. PvP on the other hand... I was in a power block up in the drone regions back when MC had just split from BoB. GS and RA decided to off us and we somehow let them take it. We had a great jump bridge network too... oh well, being a pirate was more fun. I have one toon who can't enter anything above a .4... Sadly, I forget that sometimes : P

you could totally throw some isk my way...you know, if you were bored or something.

i'm excited about the new tier-3 battlecruisers. they're looking really cool, and the flexibility will be really nice for mission-runners. you'll still need a proper tank-fitted ship in most missions, but it'll allow big slow guys like the raven, domi, and amarr BSes sit there and sentry-drone it up while other ships provide the mobile firepower. plus the added speed of a BC with big 800mm autos and eventually torps, blasters and pulse lasers can make for a devastating combo previously only found in way-overpriced ships like the macharial, nightmare, and bhaalgorn.

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wormholes require decent skills to make any isk.

if you want to fly with my corp, we're a newbie-friendly lowsec corp with a decent high-sec presence as well. we do a bunch of pvp in lowsec in the area, and newer people mission and mine close by. we're based near teonusude.

if you want to give us a shot, shoot me an evemail at username 'wingmate' and i'll accept your corp application =)

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