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Holy shit the ninja salvagers lately. Every mission I've run in the past week has had like 999999999999999 salvaging nanofag kestrels in it, and all they do is just steal shit and warp out. At least my corp mans up and if the mission runner shoots one of us, 10 logistics ships warp in and we kill the raven and whatever else happens to shoot :D Some of the Raven Navy Issues drop quite a bit of uhh... "special items" as well.

One of my corpmates convinced a guy to eject from his Golem a couple weeks back. Thanks for the free Golem, whoever that was!

Man, tonight though, I warped into a big group. There was a Rokh, Raven, and Ishtar running a sansha mission, so I stole their shit and they shot me. I got the ishtar no problem, but for some reason no matter what I did I couldn't break the fucking Rokh. I even switched into a raven and couldn't break his shield past like 90%. Ridiculous. I'm training for torps right now. At least I got away with no losses, unlike that time I warped into 2 CNRs, a Raven, and an Orca with my Hurricane.... yeah, oww.

Still, fuck yeah, high-sec piracy

So whatchall been doing? I've not seen Schwaltzvald or Ellywu on in a while. Shame on you guys :V

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there's me down at the bottom with my ham drake lol. I would've done more damage to the pos but I was camping a station. Motherfucker undocked in a scorp and jammed me and my buddy out [took him like 4 undocks to figure that one out!], so I chased them to the tower and joined in on the pos shootan. If you wanna see what a desperate 0.0 alliance does to defend their high-sec pos, look at the main page and check out all the caracal kills :o

http://www.myvideo.at/watch/6906758 huzzah, video!

I even had a high fever while fighting, thanks a lot PAX! but we pulled through and wrecked their shit. The time came for the Hoodlums to renew the war but I guess they didn't. What a shame. At least I can go back to making money now.

Also, is my sig awesome or is my sig awesome

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[08:16:37] Nark Achura > go home pirate))

[08:18:21] Nark Achura > OverCoaf, go home

[08:18:29] OverCoat > I am just here to help :)

[08:18:37] Nark Achura > no-no

[08:20:32] Nark Achura > OverCoaf? go home

[08:23:42] Nark Achura > OverCoat, go home

*steals Ship's Crew*

[08:24:13] OverCoat > ok

[08:24:23] OverCoat > if you insist

[08:26:17] Nark Achura > no good boy

[08:26:45] Nark Achura > you afro-american


I wish more of you guys would play with me

I'd put in a good word for you if you joined my corp

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just a heads up guys, I'm still playing this.

Looking back on this thread, it's amazing how much has changed in my alliance. We are now low sec pirates, and I'm flying a fucking machariel doing level 4s to get my security status up every time I pod some guy, plus it funds my pew pew nicely. Training up for a Broadsword ATM, should be fackin like a master on gatecamps now.

I'm also posting because I noticed Hyperion's sig and I was like "hey wait a second that's a fucking Hyperion lol"

Hyperion5182 post in this thread, what the fuck is up bro?

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I seem to be the only one still playing, except for a character named "Russell Cox" that never answers my EVEmails >:(

I've been fucking busy in EVE though - in the time since this thread has even been bumped [5-17-2010], I've become an FC and a carrier pilot, have led fleets around low sec as we prepared to invade Querious, invaded Querious, kicked the failcascading IT Alliance and its pets out, lived in relative peace for 2 or 3 months, made billions, got backstabbed by Atlas and Cascade Imminent, lost our hard-earned space fairly quickly [we did most sovereignty ops in sub-caps], fail-cascaded ourselves, and reformed under a new alliance name in Syndicate, where we are currently kicking out some Raven Federation idiots.

So yeah, I'm still playing EVE :)

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Never sell your account man... EVE is one of those games that one day you will come back to. And when you do, you don't want to have to start over.

I've been playing off and on for a long time now. Right now is an "off" period for me, but my account is still active and I log in everyone once in a while to run a mission or scan down some sites in low sec.

I'm really interested to see how they pull off DUST and the interaction between the two.

IGN: Falcione

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seriously, though, anyone have or know of an account for sale? i'll give you cash. avoiding the character bazaar would be awesome because there's nothing but scatterbrained crap, holding toons, or ultra-specialized hulk pilots available. nothing PvE focused, either, which would be my interest.

i'll offer a finder's fee if you find a decent one that goes through.

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don't care about location. ideally, it flies a hulk and a BS, with excellent cap and either shield or armor skills. t2 drones are a plus. BS V, BC V, cruiser V, and frigate V are all pluses. leadership skills are a definite plus.

here's my post. i realize that's a bit of a pipe dream, but my old character was skilled into marauders with t2 guns, t2 drones, t2 standard launchers, had a hulk, and was able to fly everything from a wolf to a vargur (except recon and covie BSes) on the minmatar side. in under 24m SP. he was perfect. i shouldn't have sold him.

i would be comfortable spending a decent amount on it - up to 200$ in real-world cash. in terms of ISK, that's flexible, since PLEXes are always changing in price.

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