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anybody here know of any good BAROQUE TREATISES ON MUSICAL PERFORMANCE? it's for this:


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You're really asking about an area that people actually get degrees in. Early music is basically the study of performance, theory, and history of the early classical period and before, usually about 1775 and earlier. Is a thesis on the subject.

A treatise on the subject is not likely to exist. For the most part, instrumental training of the period required a master teacher to teach their students using their own methods, many of which either didn't survive or didn't age well. Composers also didn't really document these things until the end of the Baroque period, in that area of music that could just be called "18th century." The divide between classical and baroque at 1750 really doesn't make much sense, especially if you're trying to find stylistic information to inform your writing in the idiom. Rameau wrote a treatise on music theory, but that is more theoretical and less performance practice.

I did some research, and found that harpsichord methods actually do an okay job of introducing the concepts, although a lot of it isn't really clear unless you have somebody familiar with the style going through it with you. You're going to have to look at it through the lens of a performer, and really try to dig in to the performance aspect of it before you try to apply it as an arranger.

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