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MnP 102: FF14_Ruby Sea Night Theme


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Compo: MnP (Meat 'n Potatoes)




Deadline: May 28 @ 1PM

Vote Ends: May 31 @ 11PM

Submit your remix Here when completed.

MnP ARCHIVE  made by Trism ;)

The goal of Compo:MnP is to promote that "meat and potatoes" conservative approach to remixing: this includes the mood and composition of source tunes. It is up to the remixer to create their own personalization, or to simply give it a sound upgrade. Moreover, the compo is a great opportunity to hone your remixing skills and give video game music the respect that is due. SOME reinterpretation is recommended, but not required.

MnP Instructions/Guidelines

  1. Covers and Sound Upgrades are permitted.
  2. Most or all of the source notes must be present (but not necessarily in the exact same order), secondly the mood (energy, pacing, feelings being conveyed etc) should also be retained. For example, a source tune that is fast-paced and energetic that's remixed into a mellow/chill-out theme would be a hard sell.
  3. If you decide to do a genre swap (i.e. symphonic to techno), make sure that the conditions of #2 are met.
  4. Submissions must be at a maximum of 20mb (keeping in step with ThaSauce's file size max).
  5. Only 1 entry per participant. Previous winner cannot participate but can submit a BONUS entry.
  6. Please don't make any comments about people's entries - including your own - until the Voting process is concluded.  BONUS entries are exempt of this rule.
  7. All competitors and voters must adhere to the rules stated within: Competition Code and Conduct

- When picking a source tune, make sure it has a MIDI to make ppl's lives easier.
- In-game sound FX are permitted, so long as they don't comprise the whole track (i.e. replacing entire MIDI tracks with just sfx)

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Ok i'm sorry, but i'm having a hard time incorporating the piano piece into something...usable. Maybe you guys might have better luck, but for now, see you in MnP 103. 

Besides i'm not obligated to participate in every round am i? lol

But i am obligated to vote. So watch out for my tomfoolery hehehehehe....

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  • 3 weeks later...

Welcome to the Voting Stage!

  • There are 3 entries this round.
  • There is 0 Bonus entry this round
  • There IS a voter bonus this round.
  • Kat has a vote worth 2x (whoops, I forgot to edit out the (tasteless) round 100 flare text for Bundeslang's 2x vote - sorry Kat!)
  • Don't vote for Bonus entries please. 
  • Participants may not vote for themselves.  

Vote ends May 31st 11PM


Better turn out than expected for a more "obscure" source tune.  I had a blast remixing this tune, even if I had rushed it a bit lmao.

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NVM.  Looks like my vote went through.  3rd time's a charm!  Regardless, in light of the glitch I encountered earlier, I will extend voting period to June 1st 11PM!

If anyone has issues posting a vote, let me know via PM and I will sort it out.

Gah.  Editing votes and rounds is a real pain.  Won't be able to input my reasoning into ThaSauce.  So I will do so on June 2nd. 

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  • StudioPandaParis got 1st with 9 points. 
  • HoboKa got 2nd with 8 points.  
  • Mr L got 3rd with 6 points.

StudioPandaParis PM me the source tune for round 103


StudioPandaParis - nice light jazz interpretation - wish I had thought of trying out doing a cocktail *brush-kit or something.  Really good production and a very MnP take in all the right ways.

Mr L - I really enjoyed the crystal keyboard vibes.  Some very smooooth synths in here. 

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