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Zelda: Oot - Song of Lonely Storms (WIP)

Dash Myoku

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Woah, something different than a MML remix? COULD IT BE?!

Well, of course. I love the Legends series, but that won't stop be from remixing other game music. *Hints towards a Brave Fencer Musashi remix*

Anywho, I read somewhere that someone thought that a lot of Song of Storm remixes were poppin' up. Oh well, I made this a month or two ago and can't figure out how to finish it. x.x

~Things I'm aware of~

Crappy Soundfonts

...That's about it really. And without any more delay, here's the link to listen to the remix.


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Hey, I recognize that signature! DJ MacG, you said in our thread (my project) that you were up for helping with art? Check out our new forums, the second link in the main post. We've been talking...

Oh, right, Dash. Keep it up, or something... I don't know. Always a fan of the song of storms, but I'm not a big fan of most of the Zelda's games mixes. Most, m ind you, so when this gets a little further, make sure to not disappoint.

I'm more interesting in hearing what you got for the project...

EDIT: Actually, after listening to it, it's turning out quite nice. If you wouldn't mind changing it up a bit, I was thinking it sounds like something out of an old sonic game, once the piano and sax kick in. You might want to consider that. Make it a little peppier, a little brighter and more energetic.

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Can't sleep... decided I'd post stuff.

Crappy soundfonts, eh? Yeah I know how that goes. :P And that was probably me who said a lot of remixes for Song of Storms were popping up. :lol: It's true! Or at least it was.

That aside...

Well, this sounds like Zelda meets Perfect Dark to me. :lol: I don't know if there is much more of a polar opposite than that. Heck, I'll give ya kudos for it.

There does need to be some variety though. Two things I generally check for when doing a remix are (1) Is it going somewhere? and (2) Would I listen to this as more than just background music? Right now, I'd say no to both. But of course, you're not finished. Maybe some fun little solos would help? I keep expecting some serious riffs for some reason. :lol:

The drums are good. The sax is even kind of fun (and I'm rarely a fan of saxophone music). Get some killer soundfonts, a bit more length, and add some content and you're good to go in my opinion. For as much as that counts. :roll:

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nice work =)

although there is one thing i hate.....after the music notes you can play on your ocarina on the n64 and the melody goes on it reminds me of Charlie and the choclate factory( the classic one) where Charlie sings:

#"its pure imagination"# *comes down with a umbrella*

UGHHHHHHHHH! :cry::cry:

dont know what im talking about? then forget what i said i like it =) and to be honest this is the first song of storm remix i really like

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DJ MacG:

Haha, yeah. But Georgia sucks, doth thou agree? xD


Hm, noted. I'll try your ideas when I'm able to.

As for the audition track, you might have to give me some time. My computer won't play sound right now, so I'm trying to get that resolved. ><

The Mute:

Ya know, you're absolutely right about this track. It's good, but plain. It needs more "Zazz." (That was for anyone who watches Metalocalypse religiously xD)


Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. But...it sounds better in OoT, imo. xP

Wow, the first, eh? Glad I could be of service. xD

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Good stuff overall dude, composition is pretty solid.

All of the ethnic percussion seem to be a lil too loud, they over power everything. Just turn down the volume on those just a lil bit. I know you want the piece to be driving, but this is just wat im feeling from it.

Maybe throw in some different FX in different places for some more sonic goodness. Also with those FX do some hard panning left and right.

Also with the ethnic elements/beats try to some hard panning left and right between the notes. It's something simple but it could go a long way.

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