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New Project, New Album, Reunion Is Back!

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Hello all.

I just released my new Goa Trance album, Flight To Europa with my new project A Flying Dryad. This means that Reunion is back and open for submissions, but I don't know how active we will be. Our hiatus lasted almost 6 years so most artists who contributed before have probably moved on by now. 

I made the album using Renoise Tracker, so it's NOT like the stuff you're used to hearing from me. I've spent most of this year working on the album so it would be cool if you would check it out. If you're interested in Goa/Psy that is. Album can be streamed on youtube or downloaded from bandcamp (name your price).






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1 hour ago, Mazedude said:

Always enjoy me some tracker music. Listening while I work. Climbing the Tree of Life is my fav so far, but haven't finished yet.

(Btw you'll probably want to remove the "s" in "https" from the link to your website above (or just install a security certificate), clicking it gives an error.)

Will do, I've gotten more reports of the site being weird, especially in Firefox. Gonna check out the control panel next time i have time to update the site.

Climbing the Tree of Life seems to be the one, you're like the 20th person to point to it. Duly noted :P

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Bought it.  Happy to support the community :3 (haven't even listened yet) But I will do so when I slap 'em in my USB/car radio thingy. 

edit) Listened to Flight to Europa.  This is some kick ass EDM/trance, reminds me of Contra: Shattered Soldier.  

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