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OCR03999 - Skies of Arcadia "The Voyage Begins"


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Oh, this track has seen many iterations and it has had some history. It was one of the first claimed and worked on, but also one of the last completed and finished in the final year of the album's production. I know @Pavos, or PUFreak as he was known during the album creation, struggled with my vision of combining two different melodies into one song. The transition is probably a rough reminder of that fact, but I still think he pulled it off extremely well and his nice and subtle touch helped lend a soft, humanizing aspect to the first half of the song. I knew this would be the song that would start the entire album off and I wanted to get it right, so much so that many of my critiques and feedback probably annoyed the heck out of him. He seemed to feel the same way, since during the time of mastering in that final year, he kept coming back with nitpicks on how it wasn't mastered well. It was a lot of back and forth, but I feel we got it to a point where it is satisfactory to all involved and a perfect beginning to a grand adventure that is the album: Arcadia Legends!

Oh and there was the discussion about the title of the piece: Originally it was going to be 'The Legend Begins', but it wasn't until a later song by @Sbeast named 'Legend in the Making' was arranged to be the follow-up song in the track-list line-up. Seeing two songs with the word 'legend' in it was a big no-go from me as a director standpoint. The name for the song by @Sbeast fit so well and I am sad to admit, 'The Legend Begins' was unfortunately a placeholder name at the start since I was thinking up of titles for the piece. However, @Pavos had latched onto the name and resisted my direction to change it to 'The Voyage Begins' which was similar but not the same. After explaining and showing that 'Legend in the Making' was a perfect follow-on to his album opener and my reasoning for changing the title of his song, he relented and it became what it is today. For that, I am very grateful to @Pavos for trusting me with this directorial decision and I think it is now as it should be for this album! Thanks again for trusting me! :)

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