How to enhance video game remix industry + anime music remix industry ?

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Hi everyone ! Today, I have a great question that is a problematic. 

How to enhance video game remix industry ?

I am aware that this question can be difficult to answer. In the video game remix industry, we are fortunate to have GameChops as a label and OC Remix as the publishing platform. However other problems are present ... the video game remix industry is not a recognized industry, few people do video game remix. In the publishing platforms, the details are too long, it's understood they miss the staff. And then there is the taboo subject "Copyright" everyone lies to themselves and knows nothing about it. I, too, know nothing about copyright. So! How to enhance video game remix industry? It's an excellent question?

What're your waitings and what would you like to see change?

Bonus: How to enhance anime music remix industry?

Here again, the same problems are present, worse than Video Game Remix industry. Because the punishments are more important, that's why there is no record label or publishing platform... Or very bit... I do not even speak of the "copyrights"

I want to make it clear that this is only my point of view, it is not the absolute truth.

Any ideas or debates are welcome.



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Video game remixing isn't an industry because the concept of what makes a remix is very vague, and isn't agreed upon.

If you define it as an arrangement of video game music and released for profit, there is an industry for it. The issue is that some people refer to it as "cover" rather than "remix." Go to youtube, and you'll find thousands of remixes posted frequently, many for profit. Some of the largest channels doing it make a decent amount of money doing it. Even more, there is a record label - Materia Collective that publishes arrangement albums several times per year. These are albums of remixes, but they generally aren't called that.

On the area of copyright, plenty of people understand it just fine. The main bit is to understand is what a mechanical and sync license are. Pretty much everybody that releases VGM arrangements for profit on a large scale secures a proper license. Even then, most of, if not all of the OCR staff understand copyright on a functional level to make the site function and to keep the community in a safe place.

So then I ask what you mean by enhance? I think it's going just fine. We have significant people that are working hard to advance the industry, in many different places. Would you suggest improving education on copyright? A centralized database of artists?

I do have opinions about what I disagree with in the industry, but I generally stay quiet about them. I apply those opinions to my own work.


Anime is a different thing altogether. Releasing anime music in the US is difficult mainly because of the much smaller number of soundtrack releases in American storefronts. Because of the smaller number of legal releases, securing mechanical licenses (for albums) and sync licenses (for videos) is much more difficult. You won't see many people releasing anime remixes for profit because of the legal risks involved.

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