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OCR04112 - *YES* Tetris (GB) "T-Spin"


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A bit overcompressed to my ears but solid stuff.  Punchy drums and good, surprising arrangement ideas.  I like how the original is expanded and soloed heavily over this EDM background, something you don't usually see in submissions for this genre.  The only main gripe here for me is repetition in everything but the main lead, it feels like everything else but that remains pretty static.  The only change I can hear is the addition of pads/strings in some of the verses.

Tough one.  There are breaks in the repetition, and they're done in interesting ways, but it feels like for the most part the rest of the track is on auto-pilot.  I do think the extensive expansion on the original by way of the main lead synth balances out the repetition but it's a close call on whether this brings it over the bar.  For me, I'm willing to give this a go as I really never felt the repetition brought down the entire track even if it did get boring for a few measures.

YES (Borderline)

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The accompaniment certainly does pump, and yeah, by the 2:00 mark it's certainly dragging on despite the variety in the lead (although that too does repeat: 0:33-1:11 is repeated at 2:07-2:44, about 1/5 of the arrangement).  The addition of the bass line at 1:00 is welcome but it's not enough.

Which brings me to the other bit that's pushing this over the other way for me: soundscape.  That bass is awfully bright and there's nothing else in the lows except the kick.

Between the issues that my colleagues brought up, plus the acceptable repetition of the lead (which would be acceptable in a vacuum) and the imbalanced soundscape, this one's just under the bar for me.  Fun, but needs a few tweaks.

NO (borderline, resubmit)

Edit: It was brought to my attention that there is plenty of bass that I couldn't hear on the headphones I was using.  When I switched headphones, I could tell why: There's a lot of sub-bass here, in the range you more feel with your gut than hear with your ears, but not so much in the more musical range.  My vote is moot now, so it doesn't really matter this time, but it's something to bear in mind for the future.

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what a fun track! i disagree that there's dragging - the variations in the backgrounds (1:01 where it widens, and the various dropouts) do more than enough to carry the very well-done soloing over the top. i'd argue that if this was a rock track with a guitar lead and no electronics, or a jazz track with a straightforward accompaniment, we'd not really comment on the background more than "eh, it's a bit bland". like larry said, the lead is just so fun and does a great job of exploring the melody via polyphony and riffs that it more than handles a straightforward background. i agree that there's not much going on aside from the melody, but the mid-range bloops that are in there either filling in the melody's gaps or appearing in pad form are more than enough for me given the consistency of polyphony in the lead.

it's definitely bright mastering, but the bass has quite a bit of beef on it. i agree that it's overcompressed but it doesn't get in the way, and it's not ugly.

i think this is a good pass.




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My first impressions from hearing it in the inbox haven't changed.  I loved all the playing around with the melody, whether it be with altering timings, added harmonies, and adaptation to different chords in sequence.  The synth solo at 1:12 also sounded exciting and expressive, getting more dynamic and dense as it continued.  It's additionally bright mastering as well with an overly punchy master compression, but the instruments are mixed clean and are all readily identifiable in the mix.

The main reason why I moved it into the panel from the inbox was simply one echoed by my fellow judges - there's repetition in everything else except the lead.  It's one thing to have reservations on something but said lead writing and breaks have helped ease off the monotony, so I can barely see it as a pass.

All in all, it's a fun listen and different twist on the Tetris A-type music.  With sharp production values, packed variations of the melody, and some powerful original writing to offset the repetition, it's one I can see join the other mixposts and Conor's continued love for all things Game Boy.  Nice work.

YES (borderline)

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