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FF7 - Still More Sexy Fighting Updated: 28-12-06


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Yea try to switch up those hats with some ride for variation, save one type for certain sections. Overall MORE CYMBALS and FILLZZ. And I agree with the guitar needing more treble. Whether you wanna go with the electronic feel, pseudo dnb feel like in the AV soundtrack, turn down the mid-lows on the guitar. This is really high energy, but MOAR!

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Fake guitars will always sound like shit. You're MUCH better off going with a slightly synched saw lead. Something with a medium attack, and warm body that has a good response to modulation. If you have any kind of moog/minimoog VSTs, I suggest you try em out. A classic late 70s style synth would really fit in well with this track.

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For the past 5 days, I have been looking at the old forums. Damn noob Reu!

Blake: More cymbals and chang!!! got it :)

SnappleMan: It may sound fake, but I gotta give it a shot :P

Fishy: Precisely!

SnappleMan: Danke :)

debeerguy007: Thanks, Eqing in progress.

SamuraiFoochs #Reload: Any tips for execution?

SSB: Brasses are default reason stuff :P

Vidilian: Thanks man, I'm trying to become more versatile.

On a side note, The final version won't be posted yet for the time being because that's what Zircon wants the final to be in the competition thread. Its submitted, please vote!


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