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OCR04143 - *YES* Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger "Serenity & Grace"

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When I listened to the "Pokémon source" that timaeus attached to the sub, I realized very quickly that it's one of SiIvagunner's high quality rips - remaking the theme to Chrono Trigger with the soundbank for Explorers of Time / Darkness / Sky.  I don't know how it happened as the CT theme is a popular source, but there you go.  The submission text is completely unedited, though - and I'll attach the meme to the end of the post.

Contact Information
Username: timaeus222
Name: Truong-Son Nguyen

ID: 24526

Submission Information

Games: Chrono Cross, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2
ReMix Title: Serenity & Grace
Consoles/Platforms: PlayStation (CC) / Nintendo DS (PMD2)
OST Composers: Yasunori Mitsuda (CC), [Arata Iiyoshi, Hideki Sakamoto, Keisuke Ito, Ryoma Nakamura, Kenichi Saito] (PMD2)
Sources: Pokemon Exploration Team Theme (PMD2), Radical Dreamers (CC), Scars of Time (CC)

"Right around the time I was asked to evaluate the Chrono Cross album that was in the works (around March 2018 or so), I heard the title track of the album and felt inspired to write this ReMix here over the summer.

This combines 'Radical Dreamers' (CC) with a bit of 'Scars of Time' (CC) and the 'Pokemon Exploration Team Theme' (PMD2). The latter two shared surprisingly similar melodies. Also, some zircon/Jillian Aversa fans might notice a little easter egg I threw in that references a certain song from 'Unearthed' that sounds very similar to a 'Radical Dreamers' motif. ;)

Lastly, this is something that I wrote entirely with what I'd call 'budget' sounds (no sample libraries, nothing pulling from massive external storage). The bulk of the instruments used are just drum samples, u-he Zebra2 patches (plus some Xfer Records Serum), and 4Front TruePianos. This encouraged me to focus on cooperation between harmony and melody, and just trying to make the melodic phrasing and chord choices completely intentional. Yup, for me this time, production was secondary to arrangement!

- Truong-Son"

Extra Info:

Source Breakdown:
0:00.0 - 0:05.3, 0:07.0 - 0:12.2 = Radical Dreamers (0:00.0 - 0:26.4)
0:13.9 - 0:19.2, 0:20.9 - 0:27.9 = Radical Dreamers (0:00.0 - 0:26.4)
0:27.9 - 0:52.9 = Radical Dreamers (0:26.4 - 1:19.1)
1:09.6 - 1:17.4 = Radical Dreamers (1:19.1 - 1:44.5)
1:23.5 - 1:37.4 = Radical Dreamers (1:19.1 - 1:44.5) layered on (0:00.0 - 0:26.4)
1:37.4 - 1:42.7, 1:44.4 - 1:50.5 = Original Melody + Radical Dreamers (0:00.0 - 0:26.4)
1:51.4 - 2:04.8 = Scars of Time (1:32.6 - 2:07.2) layered on Radical Dreamers (0:00.0 - 0:26.4)
2:05.3 - 2:15.7 = Pokemon Exploration Team Theme (1:13.6 - 1:40.4)
2:19.2 - 2:32.0, 2:33.1 - 2:40.0 = Pokemon Exploration Team Theme (1:40.4 - 1:54.2)
2:47.0 - 3:12.6 = Radical Dreamers (0:26.4 - 1:19.1) [new key?! Psych!]
3:28.7 - 3:36.6 = Radical Dreamers (1:19.1 - 1:44.5)
3:42.7 - 3:56.6 = Radical Dreamers (1:19.1 - 1:44.5) layered on (0:00.0 - 0:26.4)
3:56.6 - 4:01.8, 4:03.6 - 4:15.4 = Radical Dreamers (0:00.0 - 0:26.4)

5.3 + 5.2 + 5.3 + 7.0 + 25.0 + 7.8 + 13.9 + 5.3 + 6.1 + 13.4 + 10.4 + 12.8 + 6.9 + 25.6 + 7.9 + 13.9 + 5.2 + 11.8
= 188.8 secs
188.8/256.6 = 73.6% source overall

Scars of Time (SoT):
13.4/256.6 = 5.22% SoT

Pokemon Exploration Team Theme (PETT):
30.1/256.6 = 11.7% PETT

Radical Dreamers (RD):
73.6% - 5.22% - 11.7% = 56.7% RD


The meme:

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That's hilarious.  And true to form, Timaeus altered the Chrono Trigger source so much that the connection doesn't leap out at you anyway.  But it's clearly Chrono Trigger and not the PMD theme (which I checked just to make sure).

The opening is lovely, the vibraphone is an excellent choice for the Radical Dreamers lead.  I got one of those goosebumps moments.  The piano gets squashed a bit occasionally, but it's still clear despite losing some resonance.

Some of the layering gets a little crazy, and results in occasional discordance.  Nothing too severe, though.

Basically a classic Timaeus mix all around, with a creative mix of themes and some excellent synth work.


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  • MindWanderer changed the title to 2019/04/13 - (1Y) Chrono Cross "Serenity & Grace"

radical dreamers is one of my favorite tunes in all of gaming music.

there's a few arrangement missteps like MW mentioned, notably at 2:03 (that chord should be major in both the original and in standard theory due to what precedes it). the section that follows is complex enough that some stuff gets messy - 2:24, 2:38, 2:45 jumped out at me. but the arrangement is dope and the great synth work and especially the percussion is just so great that i don't even care. so many great little things - the fake key change, the dynamic arc of the track, and the way you take such a timeless/sacred-goat melody amd totally chop it up in a great way with new themes are all fantastic.

from a mastering side i thought it sounds great. there's one or two times where i felt that it was too complex and everything lost clarity due to how much was going on, but i'd rather have that than it being super empty honestly.

this is a fantastic track. great work timaeus!




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Unsurprisingly this is a very good, very well-crafted arrangement.  Tim does a very good job when he's mixing different sources (guess those Darkesword compos paid off!) and the source breakdown is always appreciated.  There are some sections that get a little too busy but it doesn't detract from the arrangement.  Production is very clean as always.  Really loved the piano on this one, it's very detailed but it doesn't try to take over the leads, and it's very fun to follow it.  I thought the segue into scars of time around the second minute was flawless too.  

This track has a lot of Future Bass elements (and structure) too, just a bit on the mellower side.

Sorry I don't have that much else to say, it's just a very well produced and arranged track, and we're used to getting that from Tim.  I guess that's more of a compliment!



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  • Sir_NutS changed the title to 2019/04/13 - (3Y) Chrono Cross "Serenity & Grace"

Once again, thank you for providing source breakdowns, Timaeus!  I find them so enjoyable to follow them along to the music and see how you shaped up the arrangement.  It all handily checks out - evident source clarity, motifs on top of other motifs, grace notes aplenty, adaptations to different chord sequences, and a tight framework that knows when to anticipate which stretch of a source at which possible time.  It's great stuff all around, and I can't expect anything less.

I like your sound palette too.  Keeping the Radical Dreamers backing to bells and e-piano adds a dreamy feel to it, as do every other rhythm and melody part other than one specific lead synth going legato-free.  Yes, it can get busy and overwhelming to the point that I would've preferred some backing drop-outs.  It's nothing too serious overall, though - it's still clean, reverb is used tastefully without clashing instruments together, and all parts have lovely articulations to them.

All in all, it's solid stuff all around - and proof that you're capable of working with whatever tools are available and bringing out their best qualities.  It's an inspiring track for anyone who wants to get started in arranging, but don't necessarily have the budget to invest in much from the get-go.  Great job!


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR04143 - *YES* Chrono Cross, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & CT "Serenity & Grace"
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