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Welcome to new mods, Bahamut & Xelebes!


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what about the mods in diffrent time zones to cover spam bots.
This is a great idea, that would make sense.

So don't expect this to be applied anytime soon.

We delete spambot stuff well enough. We don't need to add people as mods just to cover different time zones. It's more important that someone's qualified for the position rather than living in a certain area of the world just to delete a spambot post within a few minutes as opposed to several hours.

The only logical addition would be TO as far as I can tell - I'm not saying it's necessary, just that an Australian would be the only logical choice after Smoke, and TO would be the first aussie on the list since he's between 10 and 12 hours back of New York.

Wacky anyone? He would be a great mod for PPR... if you still need mods or anything.

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Well, it's been a short trial period now, and I'm very much disappointed in the new mods. They have failed to instigate drama and unreasonable or even reasonable hatred. Very disappointing indeed. :P

[sauzer] attn: bahamut you are a bad moderator. discuss.

<Bahamut> there's nothing to discuss

[sauzer] so you admit it

[sauzer] freely

<Bahamut> yup

[sauzer] k

<Bahamut> I already got PMed for lock hate


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