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[SOLVED] Looking for album or artist for this Seiken Densetsu (Mission of Mana) remix

Jonathan David Arndt

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After listening to all the tunes I could find from Seiken Densetsu (both on OC Remix and the VGMix archive) I am still trying to track down the artist/album for this particular one.

We must have first download this as kids off the net in the late 90's (maybe early 2000's). And it is such a great remix, I just keep coming back to it, and would like to finally track down the artist who made it, or the album it is part of.

Any help or guidance on who made this is appreciated. Thanks!



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Based on the timeline and the amateurish (though still respectable) production on it - my thoughts are that this is not on an album or by a professional artist (at that time anyway) and that clues for it may be found in any archives for Newgrounds or even http://archive.rpgamer.com/music/archive/

Though I'm already on the RPGamer site and do not find such music present.

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Thank you everyone! This has been so helpful.

Now that that is all settled, I'm wondering if the source material is really from Seiken Densetsu, or from Final Fantasy Adventure. According to the changelog here at OC Remix, it is attributed to FFA, at least in the title (of course, I cannot see the metadata and comments that would have been included with the original...) But while listening through SD remixes, there were a few that were extremely similar, both in name and style.

Mana's Mission:


Mission of Mana:


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I might be misunderstanding what you're asking, but Final Fantasy Adventure was the U.S. title for Seiken Densetsu (they're the same game). I think it was released in Europe though as Mystic Quest, which is not to be confused with Final Fantasy Mystic Quest in the U.S. which was Final Fantasy USA in Japan (and apparently Mystic Quest Legend in Europe).



Edit: And further not to be confused with the Final Fantasy Legend games, which are actually the beginning of the SaGa series in Japan. (Speaking of which, I just finished SaGa Scarlet Grace, and highly recommend it.)


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