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Sonic 3 (Angel Island Zone Act 2) Angel's Burning Blue Savior


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Hey all,

So in light of the recent Sonic Movie, and also considering it’s been a while since I’ve created a Sonic track, I’ve just released a brand new track based again on Sonic 3 and Knuckles, but this time, heavily based on Angel Island Zone Act 2, modeled from the perspective of an Angel Island Resident. It’s slightly dark, but still a very fun listen.

YouTube aside, the song is also available now on 

YouTube Music
 Amazon Music
 and more, along with instrumental and alternate mix available through BandCamp.





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Thank you both! My apologies for not seeing these both till now.

I wasn't sure if this was OCRemix level material possibly since I sing on this (traditionally I've understood that curators prefer just instrumentals, however I've been away for too long from submitting anything so things could have changed), but it couldn't hurt I guess. Sure :)

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This is awesome! Definitely submit this. The only thing judges may not accept this for is source material used, because it does feel like there is lots of originality in it, and I think they do time calculations with regards to source being used. But other than that this would be an amazing addition to OCR. Keep up the great work!

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