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OCR04105 - *YES* Super Mario Bros. 3 "Burning Shine"

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ReMixer name - Mak Eightman
real name- Max V. Kravchenko
email address- 
userid: 32137 

Submission Information:
 Title - "Burning Shine"
 Name of game arranged - Super Mario Bros. 3
 System: NES

 Name of individual song arranged - Athletic
 Link to the original soundtrack - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT5nfQJP40Y


Almost four years has passed since my last submission. All seemed well, until without warning, my wife descended from space
and said me to submit some stuff. Because "you have lot of different music. Why you don't represent it? Submit some stuff!"
"I don't want" i said.. "Who cares?" she said.
So here I am. Going to submit few tracks because they are "different"(lol).

This mix is kinda crazy.
First off all I tried to combine PAIN an Therion.
Second.. There is 6 rhythm gtrs at same time.

Timing issues here and there, production kinda wacky.
NO resub


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Well this was entirely unexpected! You took a number of creative liberties with the melody, but although it's radically transformed and reharmonized, the rhythm and cadence of the original is still present throughout your arrangement in a way that most people should understand how you got from point A to point B. From a production standpoint, the guitars were chunky, the orchestral flourishes got the job done, and the production is on par with what we've heard from Mak in the past.

Solid concept, fairly well executed. I dig it!


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  • Emunator changed the title to 2019/09/19 - (1Y) Super Mario Bros. 3 "Burning Shine"

There's easily some transformation going on here - the rhythms stayed the same, but it needed to remain the same for the adaptation to this entirely different key.  The various run-throughs of the A section kept presenting the varying textures and energy in different ways, and B's use at 2:27 - soon turning into a call-and-response between source use and original noodling - made a fantastic way to use half-time rhythms to build the energy back up for the climax.  I'm all for hearing a broodier take on what is otherwise a happy source tune choice, so sweet work turning it on its head!

I had to think about the production values, somewhat.  It's a clean mix, the recorded parts are artifact-free, and the presentation is similar to previous mixposts from you.  The orchestral stabs aren't the most realistic ones I've heard, but the texture is firm and has a defined place in the mix.  Additionally, the panned solo guitars starting at 2:27 should've been louder in the mix to stand up with the rest of the energy at that point.  But then again, they are panned, on opposite sides of the stereo field - and that was a big help with finding a place for them to stand out against the other parts.

Nevertheless, you shouldn't over-critique yourself - go with your wife's judgment!  Seriously, the track is a fantastic twist on the original and has an adequate mixdown to go along with it.  I'm all for seeing it on the front page - excellent job!  


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  • Rexy changed the title to 2019/09/19 - (2Y) Super Mario Bros. 3 "Burning Shine"
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hoo boy, that is a meaty intro. i love it. i also love how you kept the same driving, aggressive feel throughout the entire first minute and a half. it really sets the tone for the rest of the mix. 

the arrangement is clear and consistent throughout. i like the consistent attention to the song's overarching form, allowing time to 'rest' from the faster beat during the last section and bringing in occasional breaks to allow your listeners to reset.

this is a great track. it features some great skill on the guitar and some fun ideas throughout. easy vote for me.




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  • DarkeSword changed the title to 2019/09/19 - *YES* Super Mario Bros. 3 "Burning Shine"
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