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OCR04083 - *YES* Psycho Pinball "Kamomilla"


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ReMixer & real name: Eino Keskitalo
e-mail: eino.keskitalo@gmail.com

Names of games arranged: Psycho Pinball
Name of Arrangement: Kamomilla
Names of individual songs arranged: ? (Circus table music)


Part of source used in the intro: 1:03-1:12
Part of source used in the rest of the tune: 0:54-1:12


This is originally from PRC round 276, way back from 2014!  (http://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/PRC276) Love the game, played it back in the day with friends. To be honest, I wasn't terribly inspired by the circus style music, but there were a couple of parts I did find I could work with, and I wasn't going to pass on the chance to rearrange music from this game. Interesting circumstances and interesting results, I think.

It's kind of fun to listen and compare the initial compo version to the finished thing. It's basically the same really, but I did spend hours and hours in total, chiseling away on the mix, coming back to it every few months. Or years. The usual.

Nice to finally have finished a DOS game music arrangement. As almost always, this was done in Renoise, and you might be able to hear the sample-based tracker.. "techniques" I guess, such as using a single sample for an instrument and just playing it in different pitches without worrying too much. I like to think that this one really has that feel. Thanks to Eladar, Jorito and Pirjo for constructive comments!


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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2019/08/18 - (1Y) Psycho Pinball "Kamomilla"

I find it interesting that you used a small part of the source, yet made an engaging arrangement with very few seconds left bare.  With just this C section alone, you've used it with a modified chord structure for your leading hook, and a transformed snippet of the second half for the intro (0:06) and bridge (1:24).  I appreciate you keeping the minor key at 1:36 while letting the melody pass by, maintaining the tension for the prior bridge, and making the bass's LFO take prominence.  The second proper run-through at 2:00 also has some impressive sound design to keep it different from the first, with some call-and-response between a full groove and a pause from the percussion and bass.  No section feels stale, so by that merit alone, you nailed the arrangement.

The production values are high, too.  The palette has a playful selection of synths with varying processed effects, the parts got cleanly mixed in, and the effect envelope work is top-notch.   In my opinion, I would've wanted the melodies to be a touch louder so that they don't wrestle so much with the other effect work - but as careful synth shaping is the core aspect of the interpretation, it's nothing more than at nitpick in this case.  It did so much right that I'm happy to approve it on this front as well.

Nevertheless, it's considered a more "academic-style" mixpost - a study in both palette molding and how to arrange with only a small source fragment.  These ideas form a unique personality and stand as a memorable addition to your PC game initiative.  Let's go.


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  • Rexy changed the title to 2019/08/18 - (2Y) Psycho Pinball "Kamomilla"
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Very original and fun take.  Eino's stuff used to be a bit rough around the edges production-wise but this sounds pretty clean to me, although the mix balance could have used another pass imo, as some leads don't pop up as much as I would like.  I feel some more harmonic content in the mids could've helped fill the mix a bit more but there's nothing wrong perse with what we have here.  That said, the ending didn't work for me, it's too abrupt and lacks resolution. It's the worst part of the whole thing by far imo, and takes quite a few points off of what would be a solid entry.

The arrangement and adaptation are pretty awesome here, really kudos Eino I can't see myself turning this clowny tune into something actually listenable and enjoyable.  Adaptation here is by far the song's biggest asset, really well done.

Overall, I am not as on board on this one as Larry and Bev, as some of the mix imperfections and the... honestly bad ending turned me off a bit, but I think it's still good enough to have on the frontpage, but it only just makes it.

YES (borderline)

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  • Sir_NutS changed the title to 2019/08/18 - (3Y) Psycho Pinball "Kamomilla"

This arrangement is brimming with personality! I agree with the others that the true strength here lies in how successfully you adapted the original source material to something tasteful and listenable without doing a full 180 on the peppy circus vibe of the original source. For as little material as you're working with, the arrangement never feels like it's treading water. Your sound design is no slouch either - the rich, bubbly bassline sits perfectly against the lo-fi synths that fill out the mid/high range, and the breakbeat drums keep the pace upbeat while contributing a warm, scratchy texture to the mix.

I'm honestly not hearing any of the complaints about the leads not cutting through enough - I personally wouldn't have wanted the leads to be too in-your-face for this style of arrangement, so I agree with Eino's mixing decisions here. I thought this clicked on just about every level (except for the abrupt ending that unfortunately fizzles out) and ended up delivering WAY more than I expected from the source tune. Nice work!


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR04083 - *YES* Psycho Pinball "Kamomilla"
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