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Happy 25th Birthday Chrono Trigger (American Release)

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(Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section)

Seeing as most people incorrectly got the American release date wrong, even here at ocremix, I have found the true date to be today, August 22.  So this is a video I have made plus a longtime goal I have been working on towards Chrono Trigger.  Enjoy!




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Well, if you want to be even more correct, March 11th is the proper release date. March 11, 1995 was the release date in Japan, which predates its release in any other region by months.

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Yeah, but it was first released March 11.

That's like if you were born on, say... March 11, 1995, and then moved to another country on August 22, 1995. The change of location doesn't change your birthday.

Or maybe the first time you played it was on the PS1, which was released in North America June 29th, 2001. But it was still released March 11, 1995. The first release date, regardless of location, is the date you count the anniversary of it.

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