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Megaman Zero "X the Legend" + Soul Calibur II "Raise Thy Sword" Remix : 'Polymer Soul'

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Hi everyone,

Long time fan of the site (14 years+), first time poster.

I wanted to have the dread with 'X the Legend' from the Megaman Zero games but kept hearing bits of 'Raise Thy Sword' from Soul Calibur II in my head as I would hum the melody to see what I might have been missing.

This idea started with hearing Jay Reichard's version of X The Legend on VGMusic and realizing it could work as a great base to further studies for harmonies. (Long story short, was a vocalist studying opera, but had an injury that derailed that. So composition isn't my strongest point.) I worked in snippets of the melody from Martin Exton's arrangement of Raise Thy Sword (from VG Music as well). And ultimately tried working both of them together so it was more of a seamless transition between the two.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

It's changed quite a bit since inception and I have a few of the iterations below.

Taking the one linked in the comment from late Sunday/early Monday and putting it below.

I focused more on bringing the dread feeling with the bass notes, but broke it up using a GrossBeat filter, so it had more variety than a whole note every measure. The bells in the original X the Legend theme are repeated E naturals, and those were adapted into the bass notes, but ultimately felt very repetitive to me.

I typically try to keep instruments going through the song for reinforcing harmonies, but I am hoping that it doesn't make it repetitive.

Please enjoy 'Polymer Soul'.

More Subtle Mood (Version 9a)

Constantly edited for brevity, clarity, and having up to date links.

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This remix impresses me. It has a twisted, technological sort of reverence that drips with dread. Appropriate for both sources. I rather like the airy qualities of the samples used, gives a sweeping vibe. I'm curious how it'd sound if the bass components were a little more pronounced, that may flesh out parts as most the instruments seem on the higher end of the spectrum. A thought on panning, one of the computery blipping sounds that plays in the background seems to only be set to sound from the left speaker/earbud. It's kind of cool, but I wanted to bring it up incase it wasn't the desired effect.
I enjoyed listening to this. Hope you get some feedback from more advanced musicians.

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Thanks! In thinking about the direction I wanted to go on this one, I realized the base was pretty lacking, so I put emphasis on that and the percussion. Wanted to build on the idea of machines built to be rooted in humanity, but not quite there before left to their own devices. In developing that feel, the instruments changed quite a bit between each iteration. (Still hoping it has that airy feel!)

Since I used a lot of triplets in this, I started to (look for ways to) play to that, researching some waltzes for how the rhythms are. Mainly because I wanted to have that uneven feeling pushed a bit more.

I do have the part you mentioned still panned to the left in the (not as) current version, but it's been modified to be a low Gameboy-like chirp sound that builds up to the beginning of each measure. Since it started more as a harmony part, that was why I had panned it, but it became more part of the rhythm as I worked on this.

I still had it panned at the time I started writing a response to you because of that, so thanks for picking up on that. :D

EDIT: Did more work on it. Revision 7d is a bit nicer than 7a, in my opinion, at least. (Although admittedly, in using GrossBeat on several of the tracks, I did move quite a bit away from the idea of waltzes.)

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  • bloopasan changed the title to Megaman Zero "X the Legend" + Soul Calibur II "Raise Thy Sword" Remix : 'The Sword & The Legend'

In thinking about this, I really want to add more of Raise Thy Sword in as a bridge like part...so moving this back to a work in progress.

11.8k views on the topic tells me there's a bit of interest in this, and I don't want to let you down. Plus there's a bit more that can be made from this.

Again, any feedback is welcome.


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Posted (edited)

Expanded Version (Version 8c) has that Raise Thy Sword sound we all know and love in the latter half, but I do have more in mind for how the harmonies are going to be.

A few transitions between parts that are a bit rough at the moment, but I'll figure it out.

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Expanded Version (Version 8d) is now done.

Changed how the transitions were, but also built up the harmonies to have more of shared elements in the second half.

I usually edit out the smaller versions in my posts, but I want to keep it for reference in case anyone is curious to what changes between the small versions.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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More Subtle Mood version (9a).

Went back and forth on whether to keep the dissonance in the part where the Raise Thy Sword melody appears in full. I liked it in concept, but it didn't feel like the part where it came in as we knew the Raise Thy Sword melody for really got its due moment.

Was thinking in trying to get the idea of machines that were a little too human for everyone's good, this meant I should rethink the instruments, and after getting feedback from a friend, I took the GrossBeat off the harmonies in some parts. These ended up cutting down the density of the sound but still keeping tension and some of the feeling I felt was present in the Megaman Zero soundtrack with that Soul Calibur touch.

Decided to change the name to 'Polymer Soul' to have a reference to Copy X's makeup and the Soul series in a way that also expresses the idea of a machine trying to be human.

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  • bloopasan changed the title to Megaman Zero "X the Legend" + Soul Calibur II "Raise Thy Sword" Remix : 'Polymer Soul'

I like the clarity you've added to the Raise Thy Sword segment. The bass elements feel improved too. Your theme and name are real intriguing and poetic, I really get this vibe of something artificial trying to be something it can't. The synthetic elements seem to try and emulate the organic vibes of a cathedral in a way, and just comes out as hauntingly beautiful and twisted. The organ sounding synth and piano really help that theme. This is a pretty artistic piece, nice work.

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