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Can someone please inform me...

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for some reason EVERYONE seems to know how to draw anime... did I miss a memo or something?

I really want to!

but alas, I have no clue what I do wrong, and don't know which questions to ask...

so if anyone has some time on their hands help me with this?

if not, thats okay.

also, does anyone have a problem with hands shaking while trying to draw and write? if so: how do I deal with that?

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1.) Where did you get the idea that everyone knows how to draw animé style?

2.) Do your hands shake all the time? Maybe you should see a doctor or get approximately 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Maybe your muscles are meerly weak and need excersize. If that is the case, grab pen & paper and get to drawing/writing.

The only way to get good at something is to do it. If your problem is meerly stylistic, then grab some refrence photos or drawings and try to emulate what you see.

p.s. don't double post without a good reason, especially if it's only been a few minutes.

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