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  1. words: 91 characters w/o spaces: 417 (4.5 cpw) characters w/ spaces: 511 (5.6 cpw)
  2. Don't be nervous. I never edit/revise! Actually I do it while I write and I know it's a horrible habbit, but I don't give myself time to go back to these things when I finish a first draft. Horray for procrastination! I've started writing a script for a tv pilot and while that's technically admissable in this freeform edition of the competition, I think it will end up being rediculously long for what we're doing here because of the formatting. I'll just have to come up with something else later.
  3. I believe he was also giddy over Bioshock.
  4. I don't think that there aren't masters of English around anymore, but that more recent writing hasn't had time to be put through any serious filters. Older poetry is pretty much all cream of the crop if people are still talking about it centuries after it was written.
  5. A few comments I wrote when I read these the first time: Random Hajile - To You; It did not sound like shakespeare, although it sounds like you enjoy that style. This was very fun to read, but the first word that came to my mind was "pretentious". That said though: I don't like it. Barnsalot - Night's Bygone Fantasy Sort of like Random Hajile's problem, except you can't pull it off nearly as well. Advice: stick to language you are comfortable with OK people, what's with this trend of trying to sound like you're writing from another time period? Kholdstare - Semiconductor <3
  6. Tatu (aka Taty) put out the same album in Russian and English (200 km/h in the wrong lane). I think they ditched the original meaning of the lyrics entirely (maybe? i'm not sure) and tried to make it sound the same. Aurally, the English versions emulate the Russian orginals quite well.
  7. Another Aspect does have the same feel as Evanescence. I like these guys! Oh and about translation: since this is music, I would go for sound over meaning.
  8. This thing always moves so slow that it's hard to stay excited.
  9. Victor Wooten > anyone who's reading this
  10. Start learning to play guitar and then quit because it's too hard. Seriously though, those Ibanez Soundgears are awesome in their price range.
  11. pandora's lunchbox coldcuts and razorwire fill my face with glee 3/4 dancing down the hall raining on all who see when the time arrives my friends will storm and the fun will be a siege drawing on plastique bags the hours tire time to set you free~
  12. I've been very busy playing Ragnarok Online... too busy to write a poem. Yes, that is my excuse.
  13. I haven't been paying attention. Does freeform ever garner good results?
  14. Sorry I forgot all about this, but at least I voted.
  15. Manic Cinq


    seriously like wtf I guess spoilers are serious business.
  16. I thought "meh, whatever" when I first heard this because I had the volume down low and I was playing a game so I wasn't paying attention, but then Hemophiliac mentioned all the sub going on in this track, so I gave it another listen and thought "hey what is this bass doing here?" <3
  17. Why does it take so long to vote & judge? I understand giving people time to look over the stories carefully & procrastinate, but what's the judging part about? Leeway for the coordinator to not be annoyed by people asking for the results to be posted?
  18. Failing to enter Starla's OHC & 90m compo recently has gotten me strumming strings again. Are you guys scared? You should be.
  19. I missed the deadline by ~5 minutes and... I'm not showing my mp3 here it's embarrasing.
  20. I never got past the mall without cheats. It's a fun 2 player game, but it's too hard.
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