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*NO* Dragon Warrior 2 "Epic FootSteps"


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While this is Eric's fourth attempt at a track with this title, this is his third with this particular source.  Any feedback given from when he tackled the other overworld theme shouldn't get recalled during this decision.

Original decision
2nd decision

Audiomancer-Remixer name

Dragon Warrior 2-game arranged
First walkabout theme-music arranged
Koichi Sugiyama-writer of original theme
Link to original



This is my latest offering to the panel, and I believe this is very much improved. Produced with fl studio 20, and I hope this is at least a further step in the right direction if not accepted.
Thanks for your time and consideration!:)
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I'm a bit sad that LMMS didn't pull through, but FL is certainly more commonly used.

You're continuing to show improvement.  The soundscape is much better balanced, there's a welcome change of pace in the middle to maintain interest, and some of the synths, such as the bass, arps, and sweeps, are pretty cool.

However, many synths, notably the percussion and saw leads, are still pretty thin and vanilla.  Some of the sweeps are too loud, and are causing some severe clipping.  1:12-1:23 is absolutely crushed to death, and 2:02-2:33 isn't much better; it's positively crackling.  The big finale starting at 2:17 has no highs, making it seem weak.  I'm also not a big fan of the robo-voice announcement transition; it's a classic cop-out best left in the past.

Still, it's not horrible.  The arrangement is better than many of the older remixes on the site.  If it weren't clipping, it would be a credible imitation of them.  Our standards are higher now, though.  Do more with the lead so that it's not the weakest synth in the lineup, make the ending the most exciting part, and watch that clipping, and you'll be well on your way.

NO (resubmit)

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  • MindWanderer changed the title to 2020/12/18 - (1N) Dragon Warrior 2 "Epic FootSteps"
  • 2 weeks later...

i definitely think this is closer. i think if you're able to square up those drums so they sound more like a dance kit and less like the drums you use in an intro before the real kit comes in, it'll fix the issue it has right now where the EQ is really mid-lacking. cleaning up that and that spot of peaking at 1:30 will really make for a much stronger overall track.

there's my last vote (i voted on the original as well). let's see where this is.

i agree that the main lead in most of the track is super blah - there's some fun sweeping synths in the background, and then the lead's just this boring hornet that doesn't really do much. i also agree that everything needs to be turned down a lot since the compressor's constantly engaged. 2:07's noodly bit is just a bit too much out of time. the hats throughout are a bit too loud which obviates anything else in that space.

there's some really great stuff here! the 303 that's going during the first break around 1:00 sounds great, and there's some variety in the background which is great. i still like the arrangement and the ending sounds good. i think the drums sound a lot better overall (although the hats are essentially just static, probably due to FL's multiband pegging out on them since they're too loud), but the heavy compression used to 'fix' peaking is causing it to be pretty tiresome on the ears.

turning down most of the instruments by the same amount, addressing that really blah hornet lead, and ensuring that it's not compression city will probably be enough for a yes from me.




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  • prophetik music changed the title to 2020/12/18 - (2N) Dragon Warrior 2 "Epic FootSteps"
  • 2 weeks later...

This is the first time I've heard this track, so I'm judging it on a flat table here.

First thing that I notice is that the organ and vocals are slightly out of time with one another, specifically the attack of the vocals. You may want to adjust them to be just 'ahead' of the beat so that they will land together and make the timing feel better.

After that you've got a fun transition into the EDM section which has a nice build. Overall sounds pretty good and punchy, and there's some fun original melodies, but I'm not really hearing where the source connection is until the melody comes in around 0:58. That's close to 48 seconds of not addressing the source, which is substantial in a sub-3 minute track. My first thought is to maybe cut to the melody sooner, like the ~0:42, and save the those 15 or so seconds as a break later in the track. Similarly it could be also done earlier. Doing that would keep the source in the listener's mind more often while also letting you sprinkle the original stuff around and break up the track. 

I appreciate the variations you've added to the source melody and don't let it play straight every time too. My one nitpick there is the ~2:07-2:11 section is a little bit strange and sounds a bit sour. Maybe see if you can adjust that a little.

The other judges have done a far better job of hitting up the more technical aspects of the mix, but I'll definitely third that the compression is definitely pumping here, and I do think the drums feel thin throughout. Please take a look at their advice, since I don't have a better explanation on how to improve them.

Appreciate you taking on a great source here, and you've got a lot of good done here, but it's just not ready yet. I know this is a few resubs in, but there's some promise here and learning these sort of tweaks and skills is only going to help improve your mixing and arranging for the better.

NO (resubmit)

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