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Starfox: Corneria mix

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v2: Removed almost a minute of playing time by changing up the ending to a more unorthodox setting. Removed the awful vocal section, replaced with a solo section in 6/8. Changed the middle section to be a bit more slower and "different". Added a cool arpish solo near the end. Also, increased the general audio quality via RazorLame. Hm, that's about it. Lemme know what you think!

Corneria mix v2: http://www.escariot.net/ProtoR/corneria_20update.mp3

(v1: http://s1.quicksharing.com/v/8480110/corneria_15.mp3.html)


So, I love the source to this mix. Starfox (original, not 64) has one of the best OSTs IMO. I'm a big fan of futurepop (VNV Nation, etc) and I thought that the source tune could be easily converted to that genre. (Alas, I was incorrect) After many laborious hours of work, I submit this for help.

I'm looking for production tips - I still don't quite have the whole sound engineer thing goin' on. Also, if you have any advice at all... don't hesitate to pick me apart. I'm not happy with the ending and some of the transitions. (working on it)

(Also, there are voice clips from Starfox 64 used... I know, I know... I can't stand the voices from the original...)

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It's an interesting take on the Corneria theme, but it seems like it's distorted to me. The sound clips at 3:50 really make me dislike it, except for Fox's *we're not done yet* As far as OC is concerned, it's going to need to probably be shorter and have a bit of a solo sound somewhere in the middle. The ending also seems to be a little... well not very thunderous. I think Corneria songs seem to sound better when they have a really big sudden ending.

Sorry I don't know how to help you in musicians terms, cause I'm not one... XD But I have a lot of StarFox music and remixes...

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Hey, thanks for the suggestions. So if it's a bit distorted I should just back down on the master, correct?

And the vocal section is not staying...it's more of a placeholder until I can come up with something better. (I like 6/8 time though)

Perhaps that can turn into the solo section...

The ending needs something more as well. But, well, I'm stumped as to what. hmm, I guess I'll make a couple new versions and see what seems to be liked. Keep the suggestions comin'!

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Personally, I had always liked the 64 version more than the SNES. Let's see what you came up with though...;)

Starting off, nice full sound with the pads in the intro. It's pretty cool when the arps come in at 1:08. Cool breakdown at 1:45, though I waiting for a bigger payoff right after; it kinda sounds like the section before it except with maybe the added persussion line.

Maybe slice the voice clips to be a little more recognizable; right now it sounds like you could have sliced any audio clip into oblivion and come up with that jumbled mess, except for the first "Fox, are you ok?" and "We're not done yet." It would sound sweet if you would drop everything out right after that quote for a measure with a kick and snare buildup, and then go into the next section.

I like the ambient outro, although it is admittedly quite a long song. Pretty cool stuff; good luck with it.

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I gotta be honest. This mix has me poppin' and lockin' :). In other words, I like it a lot!!

A couple suggestions:

At around 2:20 you have the drums start to drop in pitch or you start a filter effect to slowly come in. A very cool effect, but when the pad that's holding the main melody doesn't change, it sounds a little awkward. Not to mention that the synth covers up the effect of the drums. Why don't you consider throwing a phaser or flanger on the main synth there as well to try and generate the same kind of effect. The filter effect that you have at :24 on that lead synth would be perfect to fade in I think :)!!

I love the the synth that you have playing the lead, especially when it's playing the Corneria theme. That part is what makes me move in my chair :). However, I would suggest that you try and branch out a bit and throw some other lead synths out there to give it a little variety. Maybe there are different synths that take the lead, but they sound very very similar.

The drums and percussion are very well done. They have a good strong and solid sound, and even for trance/techno/house, I don't feel any repetitiveness to them. You might want to consider throwing a breakbeat section in there, especially during the second play-through of the main theme at 4:00. Just a thought, but certainly not absolutely necessary!

Bottom line, you have a wonderful mix here and I'm really diggin' it :). Keep it up!!

EDIT: There isn't any clipping in the song. The level is just fine. The "distortion" is coming from the lead synth and it sounds great.

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I dig this tons! I haven't worked on anything in awhile so I don't have anything helpful to say really, except that I don't *think* the judges would accept this quite yet. Although fun to listen to, they are rather picky and reject lots of things which, in my opinion, should be accepted. But that's strictly my opinion!

In terms of getting this accepted, it seems a bit repetitive. The pad really dominates, and the other instruments should be given more audio real-estate, if you know what I mean. Try mixing up the 'main' sound/instrument midway and experiment with more varied chord progressions.

Of course, you could submit, and if it's not accepted you'll get very nice detailed feedback from the judges none the less. Although, if you feel no need to continue work on it, I'm sure you'd have a nice shot over at remix.thasauce.net if you're interested.

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I like the new version, the clearity of the sound clips are much better, and the solo parts are neat. I do have to agree though that for a shot at OC you would need it still shorter... as it is long it's too repeditive. I do like songs like this though, and to me it's fine, but as far as the judges go I can see them shooting it down, unfortunately.

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4-on-the-floor beats usually require a lot of work before they get stale, but your mix kept me moving non-stop! I really expected the melody to double up on speed after the drop of the beat at 0:50, but you surprised me there. The bass drum really pounds, loud and hard. At around 1:30 the melody gets a slight tinge of middle-eastern feel. Maybe you can throw in a goa trance-ish groove here for a few bars, and then the breakdown.

I would suggest blending in the sound bites better. Because of the cartridge media, the sounds were recorded at a low sample rate. Add some treble, perhaps, and a bit of reverb so they don't deviate too far from the sound quality of the music. I admit the parts with the kick-snare-kick-snare lost some steam, but this is my personal reference because I couldn't get tired of the thump-thump in that bass.

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